Life in Nashville: CMT’s 'Music City' Cast

CMT’s new show Music City premiered on March 1 and has reality TV fans talking on every platform!  The show follows a group of friends in Nashville entering the next chapter of their lives while chasing dreams of success, fame and romance.

Four members of the cast spoke to Her Campus about their experiences on the show. Jackson Boyd spent 6.5 years at the University of Mississippi, graduating in 2015. His cousin and fellow castmate, Alexandra Harper, also attended the university for two years, then University Of Tennessee for the next two years. Jessica Mack, in Nashville pursuing a music career, graduated from Southern Nazarene University in 2010. Lastly, Rachyl Degman, who hopes to go to law school, graduated from Metropolitan State University in 2009. Read below to find out more about Music City.

Her Campus: Where were you when you found out you were going to be a part of CMT’s Music City?

Jackson Boyd: When I got the call from Adam DiVello, I was in the self-checkout line at the grocery store. Adam and his team could hardly hear me and I could hardly hear them. I finally made out what they were saying and answered with a resounding “YES!”

Jessica Mack: I was babysitting some kids when I got the call. They got to celebrate with me that night. I made cookies, and we sang and danced! They probably thought I was crazy because of how happy and silly I was being. It was a fun memory!

Rachyl Degman: I was at a friend’s house and we celebrated with a glass of wine!

Alexandra Harper: I was in my car pulling into orientation for Miss Tennessee!

HC: What is your favorite part about CMT’s Music City?

JB: My favorite part about Music City is the amazing relationships I have made with the cast. We were already friends, but the bond we all have now is something that I will carry with me forever. It’s presented so many amazing opportunities which I am so incredibly grateful for!

JM: I love how it shows all the amazing places in Nashville, as well as glimpses of what it’s like to pursue a music career in this city. It really gives someone who’s curious in that respect, a great idea of the life of an inspiring artist.

RD: I love the traveling we get to do for press and promotional opportunities. I also enjoy the perks of brands sending me free samples of their products!

AH: Being with my cousin Jackson. It truly is such a blessing to have him with me on the show, we have had the BEST times together working with the cast throughout this entire experience.

HC: What is something you have learned about yourself through this show?

JB: This show has been an amazing experience but also nerve-wracking in its own right. I hated hearing myself struggle with my singing in Episode 6, but was glad that I didn’t let it get to me too hard. I was able to brush myself off and get back on stage for Episode 7, which I thought turned out a lot better!

JM: I say certain things like, “I mean...” a lot! I have discovered some mannerisms I didn’t ever realize before. And I’ve learned that I really can do anything through Christ who strengthens me, even put it all out there on national television!

RD: I’m not an entrepreneur — I’m surrounded by people in music and television and they get paid per project and have to set their own schedules. I’ve realized it’s very hard for me to live like that.

AH: To always be conscious of your reactions!! 

HC: How has your college experiences affected your musical career and who you are today?

JB: My college experience has affected my music career (or the start of my music career) by allowing me to get on stage with my buddy’s band for the first time. One of my best friends in college was the only person I was comfortable singing around. He heard me a few times when we would be driving around, and asked me to sing in one of their performances. The show went great and it made me drop my guard, and not be embarrassed about being on stage in front of people.

JM: I think college taught me independence and made me braver. I went out of state and had to make friends and find my way. I loved it! That experience no doubt helped me in my decision to move to Nashville. I knew I could do it!

RD: My college experience has made me more confident and comfortable with myself especially when applying for jobs. It has also brought me hope in scary times because I know I can always go to grad school (law school) if I want.

AH: Having a degree in journalism and communications has allowed me to take on numerous opportunities that I would never have had otherwise. In broadcast journalism you have to constantly be aware of current events and also have the ability to jump into an interview at any given moment. All of my training in college has prepared me to become Miss Tennessee USA and hopefully Miss USA!

HC: What piece of advice do you wish you could have given your younger self?

JB: To not take yourself so seriously. I wish I would’ve put forth more effort in certain aspects of my younger days. I guess it has all paid off in the long-run, and has taught me what to do in certain scenarios and what not to do.

JM: Remember to take any and every worry to the Lord. The journey is supposed to be enjoyed, not rushed or stressful.

RD: I would tell my younger self to definitely go to law school right away.

AH: To never let other people’s opinions define you or how you value yourself. I was never a “straight A” student, never on the honor roll and never the star athlete. For years, I allowed the fear of being inadequate stop me from saying yes to opportunities. You have to make your own goals and continuously strive to be your best because you never know what you’re capable of doing until you DO it.

Thank you to the cast of CMT’s Music City for talking to us more about your lives and the show! Be sure to tune in to the finale THIS Thursday, April 12 at 10 p.m. to see what happens to Jackson, Jessica, Rachyl and Alexandra.