Life Lessons From Horseback Riding


I love animals and in particularly horses. I started riding horses when I was 15, which is an older start age than most who ride horses professionally.  When I started college I sort of lost touch with the horses, but the life lessons that I learned along the way have remained with me forever.

1) Communication

Horses are very smart animals and they will usually follow your commands, so long as you ask clearly. If you don’t ask clearly expect to have a horse going down which ever path he chooses and seeing many rails knocked. This is especially true when training horses.

2) Confidence

Have you ever tried training a horse? I have and it’s probably one of the scariest things to do. You know that horses are powerful animals but you have to be confident in your skills and know that you’ll be able to train that horse.

3) Work ethic

Having to wake up at 5am so you could be ready for a showing that begins at 3pm really makes your work ethic really strong.

4) Bravery

I’m scared of heights, and horses are pretty tall. Knowing that I could potentially fall off the horse has always been one of my greatest fears.

5) Responsibility

You always have to care of your horse because the truth is, no one else will.

images courtesy of Mariana Ortega