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Let’s Talk About Sex: Why Is It Such An Awkward Subject To Discuss?

Sex. Why is it such a dirty word? How can such a dirty word hold so much meaning? Our society and our parent’s society has taught us that sex is bad, it can lead to consequences and to stay away from it. To some extent they are right, but there is some hypocrisy here; the older generation prefers us not to discuss sex and “stay clear from it”, but at the same time, they have expectations of us – expectations for us to be educated, careful and smart. How can people be properly educated if so many people think it is taboo to talk about sex? 

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We start with sex. It is the way we come into this world. Talking about sex is not only healthy, but it is beneficial. We are able to have honest and substantial discourse without judgment. In other words, it is merely a learning experience. There are so many psychological benefits to sex that are not talked about. For example, the release of dopamine and oxytocin, which are both neurotransmitters that improve mood, promote relaxation and overall enhance our well being. It is also psychologically important to feel close and safe with the person you are intimate with. It is the type of intimacy we all crave deep down. Moreover, we talk about sex because sometimes we just want advice. At the end of the day, sex is there for our benefit and for our pleasure, so might as well have a conversation about it and get advice that can help your experience be more safe and fulfilling. It can even help to just be open to sharing funny stories about it- anything that signals that sex talk shouldn’t be silenced. On the other hand, sex has a whole other meaning; sex can encompass love and solitude among two people, and it’s really something that should be celebrated. Sex is powerful; it’s like a milestone.

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Do not be ashamed to have these types of conversations. In fact, embrace them! It is an awesome first step to break the barrier, but just remember to be responsible. Use protection, make sure there is clear consent and communication and be cautious. Sex is something fun, and we should celebrate it, because when we have sex we are our most vulnerable, and that is a place that is difficult yet beautiful to achieve. Try talking about sex with people you trust, with your partner and any other person that can hold deep intimate secrets about yourself. Chances are that you really will learn something great. 

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