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Let’s Talk About Netflix’s Hit New Series “Bridgerton”: Is A Season 2 Really Needed?

Dearest Reader, 

News just broke that Netflix has picked up Bridgerton for a second season! While I’m sure many are rejoicing, my excitement has yet to be piqued. Don’t get me wrong, I really did adore this gorgeous series as much as the rest of the world; I too am furiously online shopping for corsets and princess-core essentials, thirsting over the Duke of Hastings and wishing some rich person could take one for the team and host a ball (of course, when the pandemic is over). I just don’t think Bridgerton needs a season 2.  [bf_image id="7tvn8tvx39pwc8xvtmn9btm8"]

Upon finishing the last episode, I became thoroughly convinced that this would be the perfect stand-alone series. One of the most criminally underrated types of television is the limited series, as I think it gives writers the ability to masterfully create their entire story and set up for a satisfying ending, which I think Bridgerton truly achieves with their last episode. Though I can see why people aren’t quite drawn to limited series, probably because viewers hate to see their favorite stories end and fiscally, production continues to profit off of multi-seasoned shows for years to come. Everyone wins, right? 

Personally, I much prefer a shorter, exceptionally well-crafted story rather than one that is hastily being thrown together after a few seasons, overstaying its welcome and eventually getting to the point where everyone hates all the characters by the end. Considering how much of a hit Bridgerton was, I could definitely see it going this route at some point, but I still have the same fears now that continuing could ruin a perfectly good series. Sooner or later, writers could be trying to give twists that we wouldn’t expect, but don’t make sense, which seems like the obvious but annoying route that may be taken with Lady Whistledown. Being that it was obvious to me that Whistledown was Penelope the whole time and totally fits in with her character and the context of the story, I’m really hoping this doesn’t turn into a mystery that gets dragged out with false reveals until they eventually settle on making the culprit someone totally random. In other words, another Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars situation. Besides that, the ending just was not intriguing enough to constitute an overwhelming desire within me to know more. The cliffhangers, such as Anthony Bridgerton deciding to look for a viscountess, Penelope being revealed as Grosvenor Square’s own personal gossip girl and Marina leaving to marry her deceased lover’s brother, are more like holding onto a shelf with your feet planted to the floor: they’re just not remotely intense, highstake situations. Most notably, the season’s focus, Daphne and Simon, get their fairytale ending where they overcome Simon’s daddy issues, have a child, and live happily ever after. If there is a second season, I hope they move out of the spotlight, as sitting through another season of their constant bickering as a result of their horrible communication skills is not appealing and just ruins the perfect portrait of them painted in the final moments. 

If they go the same route of having a central love story, which would obviously revolve around Anthony Bridgerton, I can’t say I would be super pumped. He is undoubtedly one of the worst main characters of the series, constantly disrespecting women, whether that be ignoring all of Daphne’s wishes in regards to her prospects or trying to “fix” Siena, his independent, lower-status lover. Think about it, can you picture him absolutely dazzling a woman and having this incredible romance where he’s not a total control freak? I suppose his love interest will be helping him overcome those issues and probably be more fun-loving while simultaneously having the ability to put him in his place. An Elizabeth Bennett to his Darcy, if you will.  [bf_image id="x9rmbmxxm4gbbjsmsbqbm66z"] However, since I must accept that there is going to be a season 2, one thing I want to see expanded upon (one of the only things, to be honest) are the characters of Penelope and Eloise. In order to not make that annoying rollback on the unveiling of Lady Whistledown, a great subplot would be Penelope finally telling Eloise about her secret and having both of them trying to prevent being exposed by the queen. There is much potential for these two to be characters who aren’t defined by their search for a husband, as working as Lady Whistledown together as their side hustle would allow them to chase their dreams of writing and strengthen their friendship (and strain it for a few episodes until they eventually make up, you know, for television drama).

At the end of the day, I’m still going to watch the new season of Bridgerton, as I am curious to see which direction they decide to take. Besides, the story is only half of the fun of Brigerton, as the aesthetic of regency-era costumes and violin covers of Taylor Swift songs is enough to keep me watching. For the most part though, much more than I want to be right about my predictions, I hope to be proven wrong in the most delightful and entertaining way by the writers of Bridgerton after season 2. Who knows, maybe my follow up will be “Bridgerton needs a Season 3!”

Yours Truly, 

Lady Hernandez

Mariah is a second-year English major at UCLA from Palmdale, CA. Besides being a feature writer for HerCampus UCLA, she is the creative director for the Equity and Accessibility team on UCLA's Academic Affairs Commission and a member of UCLA's Latinx Film and Theatre Association. In her spare time, Mariah loves finding hidden gems on Netflix, making earrings out of polymer clay, and writing stories.
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