Legal Aid in Washington Fowling Protests

If you’re an undergrad thinking about law school, check out some of the cool things lawyers are up to in the wake of this election.

The National Lawyers Guild has organized over 250 lawyers, volunteers, and legal observers are set to travel to Washington D.C. in time for Trump’s inauguration. The guild expected over thousands of protesters to make themselves present for the inauguration and as a response are prepared to provide legal aid for those protestors. A lawyer from the National Lawyers Guild said that this there has been a great outpouring support from the legal community since the election of Donald Trump. Many lawyers have been trying to help even if they do not specialize in protests or First Amendment rights.

Legal observers do not intervene in arrests or provide legal assistance, they simply take notes and record video of what is going on for evidence purposes. Observers are sent out the request of protest groups. The organizers of the Women’s March have requested observers even though their protests have been expected to be quitter than the protests that took place on Trump’s inauguration. One of the main groups that have requested observers and legal aid the DisruptJ20 group which had plans of shutting down checkpoints for the inauguration which would prevent attendees from viewing the inauguration.

Although there have been arrests made, there is one thing we can all agree on, the participants of the marches have a great sense of humor. Some of the signs seen at the marches tap right into our inner Mean Girls. While others, are just so blunt that will make us laugh harder than we should. 

*images courtesy of CNN