Lauren Caruso’s Color Camp is Changing the Way People Get Their Nails Done

Getting your nails done is no longer just a casual, quick trip to the salon. It has evolved into a strong art form, an artistic expression where people can show off their own unique style. Color Camp, a new manicure bar in Los Angeles, does just this. With affordable prices and high quality products, customers are able to customize their visit from start to finish. A mix of artistry and technology, with a focus on precision and health, Color Camp is modernizing the manicure process and we could not be more excited!

Lauren Caruso, along with Disney star and fellow female entrepreneur G Hannelius, are the beautiful minds behind this creation. Caruso says she decided to start Color Camp “out of frustration with the current nail industry," since most salons nowadays are small mom-and-pop shops that are not the highest quality. “From where I get my coffee, to where I workout, to where I get my hair done, it is always a name brand place. I want there to be the ‘name brand’ of manicures,” she tells us.

Color Camp is solely a manicure bar: no pedicures, no facials, no waxing. Why not? “I want to focus on one thing and do that one thing really well,” says Caruso. What is so special about Color Camp is how it differs from typical nail salons with its high quality products and intricate nail art. The process could not be more streamlined. You start by choosing your base of either polish, gel or super gel, a Japanese style gel that strengthens nails and promotes growth. All of their products contain fewer chemicals than typical nail salon finds as their commitment to your health. If you want nail art, there is both a seasonal and personalized menu of styles to choose from.

A common trend in modern consumerism is personalization and mass-customization. “People don’t just want the same thing as everyone else,” Caruso explains. Rather than just have pre-designed seasonal looks (around 35-40 options), Color Camp offers the build-your-own style menu to allow people to express their creativity and individuality. You can customize their colors and choose special designs to have nails that are completely original.

Caruso tells us that for now, she wants to focus on Color Camp, expanding it and bringing it to its full potential. “The idea is to branch out and grow as big as other brands, such as DryBar or SoulCycle,” she shares.

We asked Caruso to share her college experiences and any advice she has for current college students striving to succeed and reach their dreams. “I feel like I’ve come so far from college,” she begins, “I wish I had reached out to the alumni network and thought more about my personal interests.” Caruso advises to talk to as many professionals as you can to get a sense of your desired field and truly determine if it is right for you.

We want to thank Lauren Caruso for taking time to talk to us. Be sure to check out Color Camp’s Instagram and book your very own personalized manicure here!

Photos Courtesy of Lauren Caruso