Is Kylie Jenner the Lead Singer of Terror Jr?

Have you heard of this awesome new pop trio called Terror Jr? The pop trio consists of David “Campa” Benjamin Singer-Vine and Felix Snow, a former member of The Cataracs. The third member is the lead singer who goes simply by Lisa. This is where it begins to get interesting, so hold on tight! Recently people have begun to speculate that the leader of Terror Jr is actually no other than Kylie Jenner!

Terror Jr gained attention when their song “3 strikes” was featured in Kylie Jenner’s advertisement for lip kits. At the time, Terror Jr was relatively unknown and only had a couple of songs on their sound cloud- nowhere to be found on Spotify. Since their song featured in Jenner’s advertisement, the group has released their first studio album. If you follow Kylie on snapchat, you know that she likes to sing, and she pretty good at it, too. So when a mysterious person appeared in her “Glosses” video, fans’ first assumptions were that Kylie was behind the vocals. A fan “confirmed” that Kylie was the lead singer when she noticed that Kylie’s name was included in Terror Jr’s American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) registration for “3 Strikes.” When fans ask the pop trio questions about the lead singer on twitter, they simply reply with grape emojis. And you know who loves grapes—Kylie Jenner!

Kylie, however, has denied all rumors that she is the lead singer of Terror Jr. She said that maybe this has to with a publicity stunt set up by the pop band.

*images courtesy of Vogue