Kim Kardashian Is Going To Be A Lawyer by 2022 and I’m Totally Here For It

Kim Kardashian. Reality TV star. Marketing genius. Fashion icon. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Lawyer (soon to be). Yes, you read that correctly. Known for her glamorous looks, open lifestyle and scandalous online image, Kim Kardashian has taken the internet by storm by announcing her dream to become a lawyer by 2022. Responses have been mixed, with fans providing loads of support while others are criminalizing her for her privilege that has allowed her to follow such a path. Kim responds to the backlash in an Instagram post where she states: “I work all day, put my kids to bed and spend my nights studying:"



I stand with Kim here.

Yes, she has privilege. Yes, becoming a lawyer or pursuing anything out of the media is far easier for her due to her resources, connections and the mere fact that she is Kim Kardashian, but at least she’s pursuing it! Look at other celebrities. Those that have completed college are limited, and those that have gone after any form of higher education is even more slim. I applaud Kim for going after something she’s passionate about, especially for it being something of surprise to many. Featured below is Kim working with mentors as she prepares for her first examination, later shared on Twitter as well:

And here is what people had to say in response:


No one is going to pass the bar for her. She still has to work for it. She still has to know her stuff. A test is a test. No bias there. No favorability. It’s Kim and the bar. If she passes, she deserves to be congratulated. Good for her! It’s also important to note all that will come with Kim’s new title as “lawyer.” No more attacking the social media star for having “no talents” or being “stupid.” The girl is a lawyer now. Also makes for great headlines and interview questions. But really, great way to fight off the haters, Kim! This girl is too darn smart.