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The Jonas Brothers Released a New Song & I am Not Okay

On Friday, March 1st, at midnight ET, we were graced with new music from none other than the Jonas Brothers! When I woke up Thursday morning to a post from the Jonas Brothers on Instagram, announcing their new single, “Sucker,” I was in shock. The band, consisting of Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas, are back and actually releasing music? What alternate universe am I living in?

This isn’t the first time that JB has tried to make a comeback. Unfortunately, “Pom-Poms” and “The First Time” just didn’t do it for their fans. After six years of Nick trying to go solo, Joe front manning DNCE and Kevin growing his family, the three brothers have finally reunited and given us exactly what we needed: new music. Joe even joked about the comeback on Twitter, retweeting himself and thanking us for holding while they got their sh*t together.

Not only did we get a new single (which is now #1 on iTunes), but we got a new music video too! The song is about the guys’ obsessions with their wives and fiancé. The video mimics that idea, with Sophie Tuner (Joe’s fiancé), Danielle Jonas (Kevin’s wife) and Priyanka Chopra (Nick’s wife) teasing the boys in some stunning outfits throughout the entire music video. It is very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and Taylor Swift’s music video for “Blank Space.” With bathtubs, hanging out in the garden and actual suckers, this new Jonas Brothers jam has me right back to my 12-year-old self, obsessing over every detail.

I have been hoping for a JB reunion since their attempt in 2013 didn’t really work out. When they announced a tour back then, I was willing to spend whatever it took to ensure that I would be front row, jamming out to their classic hits. When the tour ended up getting cancelled, I was so bummed. After six years, that feeling remains the same. I still can’t believe this reunion is finally happening, and I will now spend the rest of this year praying for a tour so I can see my Jonas Brothers dreams finally come true.

Join in on the fangirling and listen to the new song on iTunes and Spotify now!

Emily is a graduate of UCLA and former Senior Editor of Her Campus at UCLA. During her free time, Emily loves to read, travel and binge-watch episodes of Gilmore Girls. She can be reached at [email protected]
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