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If Harry Potter Characters Went Greek at UCLA

You may know which Hogwarts house each person in the Harry Potter series belongs to, but have you ever wondered what your favorite Harry Potter characters would do in real life if they got the chance to experience college activities like maybe… joining Greek Life? For those of you not totally familiar with Harry Potter, it’s a magical world where students study wizardry at a school named Hogwarts. Each movie, based off a book series, contains different plots and twists that follow the main character, Harry Potter, throughout his time at the school. Harry Potter is extremely popular around the world just like Greek life at UCLA where thousands of students rush every year to find a sorority or fraternity to join. 

1. Hermione Granger

With academics being at the top of her priorities, our girl Hermione would never let her social life be a distraction towards her studies. Although there are plenty of sororities she could choose to be empowered by, Alpha Epsilon Phi would probably be the best fit for her. According to their website, Alpha Epsilon Phi has high expectations for all of their members in the area of academic achievement. They are a hard science-based sorority. On top of their academic studies, each year they have “Phi Rho Your Boat” where proceeds from that event go to the American Cancer Society.

2. Harry Potter

Harry can’t help but be a hero. He is always there to help the people in need and remains devoted to protecting his friends. Although he proved at the Yule Ball that he’s not one to dance and party, there are many fraternities that would offer him much more. Beta Theta Pi prides itself in their core values which are: Mutual Assistance, Intellectual Growth, Trust, Responsible Conduct, and Integrity. This list of qualities has Harry Potter written all over it. 

3. Draco Malfoy

Draco always proved he was too cool for school, but if he chose to go Greek at UCLA, he would probably fit right in at Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Draco was not one to shy away from controversy, but at the end he learned from his mistakes and became wiser for it. Like Draco, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has had controversy when it comes to their parties, but they too seem to have learned from those mistakes for the better.

4. Ron Weasley

Although he’s not one for academics and definitely not the wisest character in the series, Ron knows how to have fun. One of the best choices for Ron would be Delta Tau Delta. These boys know how to party and make the most of their time, but they also know when it’s time to hit the textbooks. 

5. Luna Lovegood

Luna was often an outcast at Hogwarts for being a little different than everyone else, but that only made her a more accepting person towards others. Like Luna, Gamma Rho Lambda aims to protect and include all from the LGBTQ+ community and welcomes allies. Gamma Rho Lambda is considered an all-inclusive sorority which perfectly represents Luna’s accepting personality.

6. Ginny Weasley

Sweet Ginny Weasley was often shy, but always ready to step out of her shell for the greater good. Kappa Kappa Gamma seems like it would be one of the best fits for her. Kappa Kappa Gamma is not only part of national philanthropy where they encourage and motivate children to read, but the sorority also has their own chapter philanthropy once a year, when they host a day of fun at UCLA for elementary school students. They show the students what it would be like to be a UCLA student for the day and provide school supplies for them at the end. After the event, they keep in touch with the students through pen pal letters.

7. Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom, yet another hero at Hogwarts, suffered a lot in life but was able to get through it all with the help of his friends at Hogwarts. Kappa Sigma at UCLA emphasizes their goal to help their brothers succeed in university as well as post graduation. They have also helped raise more than $6.7 million for charity and volunteered over 1.4 million hours of community service. In 2007, Kappa Sigma created the Military Heroes Campaign which honors and supports thousands of military veterans and their families. Kappa Sigma definitely sounds like the perfect place for kind-hearted Neville Longbottom.

Allison is a feature writer at UCLA who loves hanging out at the beach and eating any kind of dessert.
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