I Ate Dessert All Day At Dessert Goals Festival

I recently attended attend the Dessert Goals food festival in Los Angeles. As a foodie myself, I was looking forward to trying all the yummy vendors and their beautiful and unique desserts. 

I started the day by checking in and recieving my exclusive Dessert Goals wristband and doing my first photoshoot of the day.

There were various stations set up all around the venue with various activities and types of desserts. The first table I stopped at had two super talented writers, who wrote me my own personal haiku with their old-fashioned type writers. It's really amazing how quickly they can pick words together to create poetry- especially when it's about food!

Then I continued my tasty adventure by walking around and sampling everything from rainbow kettle corn to pink ice cream donuts.

Rainbow Kettle Corn from Kettle Me Up. I had no idea there were so many different flavors and tastes for Kettle corn.

Animal Cookies Donut Ice Cream Sundae from LA Donut. This tasted as good as it looked. So beautiful.

Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake cookies from Milk Jar. They even had gluten free cookies! My absolute favorite cookies, so fluffy and yummy. I even bought a few extra to take home and have later.

Conchas and Cream from Puesto. This unicorn treat was filled with horchata milk and cereal ice cream. 

Banana Cream Waffer Pudding from The Pudding Truck. The waffers reminded me of my childhood and the bananas added to the freshness. This treat was unbelievable. Probably one of the only desserts I actually finished.

I left the Dessert Goals festival a happier and less healthier version of myself. While I love desserts, I realized that there is a such thing as too much dessert. That said, I have no regrets and would definitely go to the next dessert festival.

Photos Courtesy of Sara Zaghi