I Asked Guys From UCLA To Describe Their Dream Girl & Here’s What They Said

Some Context

I went around my college campus and gathered some dirt; what do guys look for in girls? But before I continue, let me state a disclaimer: This is not implying any of you beautiful ladies need to change for any man! This is merely for fun. So read this for personal enjoyment and humor.

Here’s how it all went down: I sent out a blast Google form to get as many responses as I could, and here is a summary of the data. Note: This data is coming from a sample of about 30 guys at UCLA, from freshman to seniors. This is not representative of ALL guys. It is only what I had access to. So take this information as you will. But nonetheless, analyzing the responses was super fun! I broke up the survey into 13 categories, and here’s what the data ~exposed~.

The Dirt

1. Bubbly & Outgoing or Reserved & Quiet?

57.1% of the guys surveyed said they preferred a girl that is more on the outgoing side, marking “4” on a scale of 1-5. 14.3% marked “3,” and the distribution was fairly even among the ratings “1” and “2." Interesting. But who doesn't love a girl that claps back?

2. Does Height Matter?

42.9% of dudes said they prefer a girl on the shorter side, and again, the distribution was pretty equal among the other options, being taller and shorter than short. Nice.

3. What hair color gets 'em going?

I split up hair color options into brunette, blonde/dirty blonde, red, black and fun died colors, like pink, blue, etc. The data was definitely swayed in one direction on this one: a whoppin’ 60% of those surveyed said they preferred brunettes. Look at this hair discrimination our society faces. Wack.

4. Ah, Personality 

What about personality? The thing that apparently matters most? Boys like girls that are a combination of intelligent, adventurous and romantic, according to the survey. Hmmm. This means your next date better be a candle-lit dinner on the edge of a cliff, topped off with a free response question on quantum mechanics that you’ll both solve together. How romantic, intellectual and adventurous of you that would be. Bingo.

5. Because eyes are the windows to the soul... 

Time for eye color– what is the magical shade will steal his heart forever? What colored contacts should you purchase next? Close to 50% preferred green, with the remaining lying scattered across blue and brown. Guess you’ll have to hit up Costco and buy some green contacts in bulk for all those dates lined up. Sorry, brown just won’t cut it. What do you want me to do?! The guys said they liked green!

6. Skilled With The Grub?

Food. Can she cook? This also lied fairly equal between two answers: close to 50% said their dream girl would enjoy cooking, and the other 50% said they’d learn together. Aw, how romantic. So pretty much, if you can or can’t cook, you’re in the clear.

7. How long is the hair though ¿?

Hair length preference? 80% of the guys said their dream girl would have long hair. Cool.

8. How's her Fashion(ova) fit?

Guys like a girl that’s trendy and on top of fashion styles. A large 75% said their dream girl would be “on top of it”. So whip out the last issue of Vogue and get online shopping. Now. They said they like girls trendy!

9. Boys love a talented sister.

60% of responses said their dream girl is “musically inclined." So yes, if you don’t know an instrument, you better go learn one. Or else you’ll fall into the remaining 40% who said they prefer someone who likes to read or watch sports. Lame.

10. But what about the ~children~ :o.

50% of dudes said their dream girl would want 3 kids, and the remaining 50% want 2. So, if you’re planning on having one fella pumped out of your body, think twice.

11. You better love Kanye more than Kanye loves Kanye.

It looks like guys like Kanye. 70% said their dream girl would love Kanye, so you better be religiously listening to The College Dropout until you know "Workout Plan" by heart. You’re not allowed to like any other style of music. Nope.

12. Career Time 

Remember how we said a guy likes a nice, intelligent girl? Well, that trait resurfaced itself—50% said their dream girl would be in the medicine field, and the remaining 50% is split amongst lawyers and some other “higher education” career. Get on your MCAT or LSAT prep ASAP, girl.

13. The Final Culprit.

Well, I'm just gonna say it. Is she one for the puppies? 100% of participants answered, “of course”. If you don’t like dogs, find a cat boy. Sorry.

The After-math

I hope the take-away from this article is clear; that who cares what guys prefer. You do YOU and OWN YOUR beauty! There is no mold you should live to fit. We are all beautiful in our own ways, and embracing that beauty is what will attract the right other half your way.

So please, take away from this a laugh and not much more. If you love baseball and he hates it, or if you like pineapple on your pizza and he despises it, sucks for him. There are tons of other guys that would die to eat a slice of pineapple pizza with you while watching the World Series. I promise. Don’t change for anyone—not even Aaron Samuels.