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I Asked 12 UCLA Girls About Their Ideal Christmas Dates, And Here Are The Results

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

As you start binge-watching your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, you probably have your own ideal Christmas date in mind. Wondering what other college girls’ ideal dates are like? I asked 12 UCLA students to spill their Christmas romance fantasies…

Ice Skating & Hot cocoa

Ice skating was the most popular Christmas date idea! I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a day closely holding onto your partner and warming up with hot cocoa? If you’re looking for ice skating rinks in LA, check out the new skating rink “Ice at Santa Monica”!

“I would go ice skating with cute outfits and then go home together to drink hot cocoa!”—Raine Torres

“I’d say go ice skating and then eat grilled cheese and tomato soup at home.”—Sofia Stuart

“My ideal Christmas date is to ice skate in the snow and go home together.”—Julia Wong

Christmas netflix Marathon

You can’t say you had a Christmas date without watching Christmas movies together! Almost all the girls I interviewed said they want to end their Christmas date with a movie night. If you want some movie ideas, check out these cool Christmas movies to watch this year!

“I want to cuddle on the couch and watch Christmas movies, with the Christmas tree as the only light.”—Elaine Fan

“I’d sit by the fire eating popcorn and watch Christmas movies together!”—Aya Soler

Enjoying A White Christmas

If you’re spending winter break in a place that snows, a white Christmas sounds like the perfect setting for a holiday date. Some girls preferred to enjoy outdoor activities while some preferred to simply watch the snow fall.

“I want a day out enjoying winter activities like sledding or snowboarding.”—Sukie Yeung

“A ski trip at a cabin in Aspen would be fun… we can even walk around the town like those Hallmark movies!”—Gersha Jagwani

“I want to watch the snow from a cozy cafe while sipping hot chocolate next to a giant Christmas tree.”—Haryn Shin 

Admiring Christmas Lights

Ok, I might be biased for this one because this is also my ideal Christmas date. But driving or walking around a neighborhood with cute Christmas lights is an aesthetic and heartwarming experience. It’s fun to do alone too, so promise me you’ll try it this Christmas!

“I’ve always wanted to to walk around with my boyfriend looking at people’s Christmas lights!”—Minami Furuya


If you’re artsy, you might enjoy some crafting activities with your partner. I had lots of creative responses for this one, from baking to making handmade gifts for each other. Feel free to steal some of these ideas if you’re looking for a unique Christmas date!

“My ideal Christmas date would be baking cookies and drinking apple cider!”—Tara Ganguly

“I would be decorating rocks with googly eyes, recreating it off of the other person and gifting it to each other.”—Sophie Chen

amusement park date

Although cuddling together sounds cute and cozy, it’s also exciting to spend Christmas at an amusement park. Spots like Universal Studios and Disney are especially photogenic during Christmas!

“A white Christmas at Disneyland sounds really romantic and special!”—Christina Wu

These were the top six ideal Christmas dates. It was super fun interviewing these girls and seeing everyone’s unique date ideas! I hope these dreams come true for them this Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

Rio is a third-year UCLA business economics student from Japan. In her free time, you can find her hiking, dancing away at concerts, or cafe-hopping!