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How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Fun (And 14 Suggestions)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

We’re on to another new year, and (if you’re from a family like mine) that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions that, more often than not, are given up a few weeks into the new year. Then, for the rest of the year, you’re left with a feeling of shame that you gave up on your goals. The cycle repeats year after year, and New Year’s Eve starts becoming a time of dread.

But the truth of this holiday is that we’re putting all of the stress on ourselves. Resolutions don’t have to be stressful or extreme. They don’t even have to be in the spirit of self-improvement! Resolutions can be silly and fun — you don’t need to stress yourself out with them. So, in the spirit of making the new year fun, here’s some lighthearted New Year’s resolutions to brighten the year.

Food Resolutions

Food is a great opportunity for some fun resolutions. And I don’t mean stressful things like learning how to cook or eating out less. Make it silly! Resolutions like these are great ways to have some fun and spice up your life:

  • Try as many shapes of pasta as you can
  • Eat every kind of apple at your grocery store
  • Have every flavor of your favorite candy
  • Try every combination of a sandwich that you can 

Knowledge Resolutions

Knowledge is such a broad category, which means there’s so many fun resolutions that can be thought of. Knowledge doesn’t have to be for a grade, and it’s important for us students to take a break from memorizing information and simply learn for the sake of learning. 

  • Read a random Wikipedia page once a week
  • Learn an obscure hobby (unicycling, anyone?)
  • Learn the meaning of a new word or a new fun fact every day

Reflection Resolutions

These are some resolutions that let you build something throughout the year and then look back on them! This is a great way to keep track of your year and have a way to remember it by.

  • Add a new song to an album every day
  • Take a picture of something that makes you smile every day
  • Write a line about every day you experience
  • Write a story, one word (or one sentence) a day, and then read it all at the end of the year

MiscellANEOUS Resolutions

And, of course, there’s lots of resolutions that don’t fit into an easy category. So, here’s some fun resolutions that aren’t quite like the others.

  • Add your own decorations to objects in your home (through painting, sewing, etc.)
  • Start a tradition/game with your friends
  • BONUS: Put your resolutions in a bingo-card format and try to get a bingo by the end of next year (and get yourself a little treat if you do!)

Resolutions don’t have to be stressful or taxing. With just a little bit of creativity, they can be unique, imaginative and fun. So jot down some ideas mixed with your self-improvement, write them on a bingo card (yes, my girlfriend made me include her bingo card idea) and take the new year by storm. Good luck! We wish you a very successful 2024.

Jessica is a first year English major at UCLA. She loves both reading and writing, having even published her debut novel "The World Above the Waves" in 2022. When she isn't delving into literature, you can find her playing d&d, listening to music, or wherever either her twin sister or girlfriend are. She's so excited to be a part of the Her Campus team.