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How to Survive Your 20s As Told by “Scream Queens”

Lifestyle, not diet.

Eating your way to a healthier you is much more sustainable for your body and sanity than restricting your plate.

But sometimes its ok to treat yourself and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Coffee is a reliable friend.

Moms still have the best advice.

The energy that you are is the energy you attract. Choose your friends and get rid of negative energy.

Admitting that you’re scared is OK.

Entering your 20s welcomes you into the official world of adulthood from college to finding a job. It can be terrifying because you’re afraid of embarrassment or failure, but it is better to be embarrassed or fail early on, so that you can learn and grow from these mistakes.

Jump when you’re most scared.

Never pass up at opportunity. It’s unsettling to look back thirty years from now, and wonder where your path could’ve gone if you just faced your fear and went after your dreams.

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

As some Japanese Proverb said, there will be times when you may not do so well on a midterm, or get the internship you were hoping for. The most important thing to realize is there’s something better out there just waiting for your perseverance and hard  work to achieve. 


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Janina is a junior majoring in Linguistics and Psychology at UCLA. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you may find her doing outdoor yoga, laughing at "I Love Lucy" reruns, cooking vegan food, or face timing with her puppy back home.
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