How to Support Reproductive Rights in the Wake of Alabama's Ban

If you haven’t heard the (bad) news, where have you been? Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and many other states have all just passed laws severely restricting abortions, with Alabama’s being the strictest. Although these bans have yet to come into effect, this is still a major human rights issue. The recent push for anti-abortion laws stems from a place of misogyny, but affects people of all genders, and we should all be terrified. We should not be moving backwards. You may feel a little helpless--I know I do--but there are always things we can do to help preserve reproductive rights in these states. Here are a few options:

  1. 1. Donate to Organizations

    Organizations like Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds are doing great work to maintain and expand reproductive rights, whether that’s through providing reproductive care, advocating for pro-choice policies or funding abortions for those who can’t afford it. The Yellowhammer Fund is committed to funding people in Alabama who need help gaining access to safe abortion clinics. Access Reproductive Care - Southeast is another organization that aims to help increase ease of access as well as increase community involvement in the fight for reproductive justice. If you have the money to spare, I urge you to consider donating some of it to people in need.

  2. 2. Participate in Campaigns

    In a similar vein, consider working on the campaign of candidates with pro-choice platforms during the next election period. Getting pro-choice candidates elected is the most certain way to ensure that our reproductive rights aren’t taken away. Being involved in their campaign and helping spread the word about their policies is a great way to support the cause. And, of course, make sure to vote! 

  3. 3. Call Your Reps

    Especially if you live in a more conservative state, call your government representatives and show them you care about reproductive rights and want them to be preserved. Officials are meant to represent the public, and they do care about what their constituencies want, even if it might not seem like it. Show them that these issues matter to you, and they might be less willing to pass anti-abortion legislation.

It may seem like our country is losing sight of the equal rights promised to us, but the worst thing you can do is become apathetic. People need help, and we can all do at least a little. Don’t let politicians think they can get away with taking away this basic right. Keep talking about it. Stay angry. Do something.