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How to Squeeze The Fall Out of November Before It’s Over

Fall is the season of pumpkin spice lattes, orange and red leaves, cold winds and finally the time to bring out the sweaters. Unfortunately, this festive season is almost over and I hope you got to do everything Fall related. If not, do not worry because here is a little guide that may inspire you to experience the last of Fall of 2019.

Fall Food Is Fantastic!

The most important thing is to try out all of the seasonal food. Basically anything pumpkin! Do not forget to stop by a Starbucks and grab a pumpkin spice latte or the new pumpkin cold brew, which became my personal favorite. Also, Trader Joe’s has a vast selection of anything pumpkin from pumpkin yogurt, cookies, waffle mix and poptarts to pumpkin granola bars and pumpkin tea bags. Also, do not forget to roast pumpkin seeds. It is a super healthy snack and delicious, if you add some salt.

Decorating In Orange!

Your environment can easily reflect fall. If you want to embrace the last of fall, then get a candle that resembles fall weather or even a pumpkin scented candle. Get some pumpkins and place them on empty table tops or around the room. Maybe get some fake orange and yellow leaves and weave them around your balcony, fireplace or even string them along on an empty wall.

Prep For A Pumpkin Patch!

Grab some of your friends and plan a trip to your local pumpkin patch. It is always a good idea to leave school or the work place and take some time to yourself. It is also a good idea to try new things, so why not take advantage of the pumpkin patch. Put on an outfit you adore, take a camera with you and just enjoy an activity that only comes once a year.

Sweater Weather Time!

One of the best parts of fall is getting into the sweater mood. Bring out the long sleeves and fluffy coats and cardigans from the back of the closet and begin to indulge in them. Pair your favorite outfits with a pair of boots and maybe even a beanie. Also, it is a good time to change your dewy summer-like makeup routine to something more subtle and dramatic like brown eyeshadow and darker eye liner.

Fall may be almost over, but do not forget that the next best season is just around the corner. Take advantage of the current season right now and make next Fall even better.

Yasmin is a second year student at UCLA. She is majoring in Psychobiology and minoring in Global Health. Other than being involved in Her Campus, she does research at the Semel Institute in Los Angeles and is a member of Flying Sams. She loves reading, binge watching Netflix shows, and painting (even though she isn't great).
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