How Pete Davidson's Famous Relationships Brought Him Into the Spotlight

Maybe you loved Pete Davidson when you used to watch SNL. Maybe you didn't even hear about him until he started dating Ariana Grande. Pete was always a very low-key celebrity before he became one of the world’s most famous boyfriends. With having a song named after him and just being constantly in the media, Pete Davidson is more important now, and people can’t stop talking about him. We were all little suspicious when he began his love affair with Ariana Grande because, well, we’re always a little over-protective of a pop princess, but it’s very obvious that Davidson has proved himself. He is open about his mental health, is super funny and we can’t forget Ari’s infamous tweet to support his other great quality.


We were all shocked and blushing when we saw that tweet because Pete really hides from the spotlight, and we didn’t know much about their relationship. He has an aloof persona, but he obviously has a lot of personality traits as to why he had Ariana smitten. He doesn’t have the arrogance or ego that most guys in the industry carry with them, and it might be the reason why Ariana and now, Kate Beckinsale, have hopped on his bandwagon.

We can look deeper into his and Ariana’s relationship by listening into Sweetener and Thank U, Next, and see that their relationship created a very strong bond, and he was someone she could lean on when she lost ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. Songs like “ghostin” and “better off” exude what a gem Pete really was to Ariana. Her songs told a story and shed some light on their private, yet somehow public, romance.

In “ghostin,” Grande opens up about missing ex, Mac Miller, and how Pete was really there for her and how no matter what he did, he couldn’t replace Mac. The fact that Pete was someone so committed and caring towards Ariana during her time in need is something many guys wouldn't do, proving that Pete was really in it for the long haul. How people act in relationships says a lot about their character and the type of person they are, and Pete's commitment showed how much he cared for Ariana. Another song that shed light on the two’s relationship is “better off” from the Sweetener album. We learned about how close they truly were and this definitely made us see how in love the two were. It was sad to see them end, but through all of this, Pete really made an impression in the public eye and is now someone we actually root for. 

Now that all eyes are on him, many were surprised to see the pictures of Pete and Kate Beckinsale partaking in very public PDA. His new relationship symbolizes just how different and likable he is. Kate definitely has a past dating much younger men, but Davison usually dates girls his own age, so the age discrepancy is new for him. There is probably a lot more to come from the new couple, but I'm sure we will be hearing rave reviews from Beckinsale at the end of it. They seem just as happy and random as the Ariana situation, and hopefully it’ll end just as happy with Beckinsale. Who knows, maybe we’ll get another song or clap back about his new girl? I just don’t want him to fade away and end up on some gossip show in ten years, where we’re given flashbacks of the multiple pictures of Ariana and him outside her apartment. Pete is hopefully here to stay.