How To Make An Attractive Bumble Profile 101

If you aren’t already familiar with the app Bumble, the first thing you should know is that it is all about first impressions. It is a dating app that allows the user to peruse through photos and bios of single men or women ready for love (or something of the sort) within the area. If the user likes what they see and/or read, they can swipe right, or if they don’t, they can swipe left. If two individuals swipe right on each other, the female can initiate conversation, and from there, anything could happen. However, nothing can happen if you don’t nail that first impression with a charming bio, perfectly representative pictures and an overall promising profile. So, in order to avoid your love life ending with a single glance and swipe, here are the key tips to making the perfect Bumble profile:

The Pictures

The app allows you to display up to 6 photos on your profile. The photos are the most important part of your profile. They are the first things that people see! Through your photos, they can tell more than just what you like, they can also tell a lot about who you are, what you do and what you are looking for. If you come across a profile that shows little to no face and clothes but a lot of ab action, you can safely assume they aren’t looking for someone to bring home to their mother. However, if you come across a profile where the pictures show the person holding their dog, hiking or laughing with who is likely their bestfriend, you can bet he or she will never forget an anniversary or birthday. So make sure you know what you are looking for when making your profile, and know that a picture with your dog ALWAYS sends the right message and is a great conversation starter.

In terms of the number of pictures, don’t be afraid to post the max of 6. It simply shows that you are putting forth an effort, wanting people to get to know you, and that you are likely not catfishing and actually look like that. I don't reccomend using only one or two pictures. This tells users that you don’t really care or that maybe this is the only good picture of you and likely doesn’t even look like your real self. Users want to know what they are getting into when they swipe right; they want to have some idea of who you are before engaging in a conversation.

I also advise you against using pictures from the same day or event. If you are wearing the same outfit in the two photos you choose to share, suspicion is likely to be raised and a left swipe is even more likely to be deployed. Also try to avoid group photos. It is acceptable to use a few but be sure users know who you are and don’t mistakely think that they’re chatting with your hot best friend. However, beware of pictures with obviously cropped out people because you don’t want to appear as though you are hiding something. Lastly, be sure that your pictures are relatively up to date! The last thing you want is for a user to think they’re dating your 16 year old self or to lose a swipe because you are 25 and still using your senior prom pictures! In my experience, the most attractive photos include nature, a great smile, cute animals, instruments or travel photos.

The Bio

The bio is a tricky area to navigate. Mostly because some people do not choose to use it, so choosing to put one can cause a bit of pressure. Choosing not to include one is fine mostly because Bumble allows users to include little but important details through premade questions. For example, the app asks your religion, if you smoke, what you smoke if you do and to what extent, what you are looking for, your height, animal preference and even if you want kids and when. The user can then choose which questions to answer and display on their profile. However, the bio itself does not include premade questions or multiple choice answers to choose from; it is entirely the user’s own words.

Be sure to choose your words wisely because it can easily sink your profile. To specify what you are looking for is always a safe move. If you are looking for an intimate relationship with someone who likes to watch movies and cuddle over going out to the clubs, by all means mention it because it will likely get you closer to the relationship of your dreams. However, try to avoid anything too self-deprecating because that can make you appear as though you are trying to get a pity swipe. Also, try to avoid anything too suggestive, even if you’re trying to be funny. If you go the suggestive route, you might end up scaring some users away, unless you’re into that, then by all means, include it! No judgement.

Bumble can be a magical thing that can bring you together with an amazing person through a simple swipe on your phone. However, that is only if you use it right. Be conscious of the photos you choose to represent yourself. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Bumble gives you a chance to say 6000 with the help of a bio! So be sure to take your time before going public, and if you do get a match, don’t kill your chance in the messages! Be yourself and take your shot!