How Long New Year's Resolutions Last

New Year’s Resolutions. They can be a tricky bunch to hold onto. Typically we would like to think that we are going to stick to them for a year. But we all know the truth is that they are all broken within a month. So here’s a breakdown of how quickly we break down:


1.     Go to the gym everyday:

5 days or after you pull your hamstring.


2.     No desserts

3 days or until you see a brownie and decide it’s not a dessert since there are eggs and milk in it!


3.     Save money

2 weeks or when it’s too cold to walk at night and you Uber


4.     Read more books

Oh please, you will only read assigned books unless it’s Dr. Seuss


5.     Get better grades

3 weeks or when you fall behind on your readings


6.     Get more sleep

0 nights because people convince you to party the day you get back




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