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How Joining Her Campus Taught Me More About Feminism

Growing up, I saw the women in my life work tirelessly. My grandma, my mom, all of my aunts- working so hard and sacrificing so much for the sake of our futures. The strength and the unstoppable power of women is something I have always appreciated, something that I have always wholeheartedly believed in.

When I joined Her Campus in the fall of my first year, I had 2 goals. First, I wanted more opportunities to write. And second, I hoped to meet more passionate and empowered women. But throughout the year, as I wrote more articles and attended more events, Her Campus has given me so much more than I was expecting.

Her Campus is an organization that allows women all over the nation to come together. It allows women to gain experience, to gain knowledge and to find their voices. Through my participation with Her Campus at UCLA, my vision of feminism has expanded, and for many reasons.

Her Campus is an empowering organization for women because it gives women a platform to use their voices. By writing articles, interviewing individuals or connecting to thousands of people through social media, Her Campus gives women all over the country different opportunities to let their voice be heard. The articles that I write for Her Campus vary in style from college advice to personal anecdotes, I cover a different range of articles. But for each article, I have had something to learn, as well as a story to be told. Writing for Her Campus has allowed me to reach out to people, and to make my voice heard.

In addition to the amazing experiences that Her Campus offers women, it is also an important feminist organization because it connects women. By joining Her Campus, I got to meet so many strong in college. Each of the accomplishments that these women make are so inspiring, and emphasize the power of women.  

With Her Campus, I’ve written articles and made friends, but this organization has helped me with so much more. By lending me a platform to raise my voice, and providing me with so many opportunities, Her Campus has taught me so much about feminism.

Kalysa was the 2020-21 Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent for the UCLA chapter of Her Campus. She was also previously a Senior Editor and Feature Writer for the chapter. On the rare occasion she's not busy studying for school or writing for Her Campus, you'll probably find her indulging in tiramisu or reading (and re-reading) her favorite novels. 
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