How I Managed To Have Fun This Summer Without Leaving Los Angeles

Summers are made for adventures with friends. We see all those beautiful travel photos on Instagram. I love traveling with friends; it’s the best way to get to know a new place. Usually I’m one of those people posting the most ridiculous travel photos, but this summer was different. This summer, my friends and I were busy. We’re entering our fourth and final year of college, and most of my friends and I are trying to get our life together before our fast-approaching graduation. This includes working on grad school applications, studying for the LSAT or GRE and just facing stress as we try to wrap our heads around leaving UCLA. Because of these commitments, none of us could really travel extensively over the summer, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves all while staying in Los Angeles.

One of the best advice I can give you is to try to spend time with your friends when none of you are studying or working on other stuff. To get some of this bonding done over the summer, my friends and I had a slumber party. It was perfect, not expensive and not to hard to coordinate.

Here are some tips to put on your own summer slumber party for the oh-so-perfect staycation.

1. Snacks

When it comes to snacks DON’T HOLD BACK! This is your world and you make all decisions. So bring out all your favorite *gluten-free and vegan* snacks.

2. Movies

I personally love psychological thrillers—my friends not so much. But try a comedy like Girls Trip. It’s sure to get all of you laughing and you can live vicariously through characters.

3. Music

Everyone loves a good dance party. So put on some of your favorite music and get that booty shaking. This is also great because you don’t have to worry about creepy guys ruining your dance fest.

4. Karaoke

Okay, karaoke is great for EVERYONE—great and bad singers alike.

5. Flash tattoos

Put a little something on your skin that will remind you for the rest of the week the great time you had with friends.

I don't regret my summer, because it was both production and still memorable. Now I'm ready to tackle senior year.