How Home-Cooked Meals Have Made Me Miss UCLA's Dining Halls

After being home for about a month, I can definitely say that I miss the food at UCLA. It is funny to think that just a month ago, I was in the dorms craving my mom’s food; now that I am at home, I miss all of the dining halls and takeout at UCLA. I even miss waiting in the long lines to get swiped in. Of course, I do appreciate my mom’s cooking. After all, I was deprived of her amazing egg rolls and noodle soups while I was at the dorms. But for the last month, I have mostly been eating her Vietnamese dishes. Though delicious and filling, it makes me reminisce about the wide variety of foods offered on the Hill.

SandwichI definitely took living in the dorms for granted. The dining halls had different menus everyday and the takeout places also had daily specials. I could easily eat the food that I was craving on a particular day just by looking at the different menus offered. Not only did the food vary in choices, but it was also delicious! Ranging from American, Asian, Mexican, to Italian food, I never got tired of the food on the Hill. Because the food was so reachable and easy to get with just a small distance of walking from my dorm, I never really appreciated how fast the food was made and how accessible it was. Living in the dorms, my eating schedule often varied. Usually, I ate if I was hungry and I did not follow the regular eating times of lunch and dinner. However, at home, my mom makes lunch and dinner at the same times everyday. Thus, I have set times for eating at home even when I am not hungry. So, the choice of eating whenever I wanted is also an aspect of UCLA’s food that I miss. 

FoodOverall, I love my mom’s food and UCLA’s food. Still, this past month of eating at home has made me miss the dining halls and takeout on the Hill. I miss the California burrito from Rendezvous, the matcha ice cream from Feast, the healthy breakfasts at Bruin Plate, and so much more. Eating at home has also let me appreciate the food at UCLA even more. Besides the food itself, I also miss the memories I made with the food during my first year in college. Many great memories with my friends are held in the dining halls, and I hope to make many more. Thank you for the food, and see you soon, UCLA!