How HCUCLA Does Summer

Though summer weather hangs over UCLA all year round, Bruins still love basking in the precious rays (and days) of summer. Between study abroad, internships, Netflixing and vacations, there are many ways we at HC UCLA spend our summer break. As the start of fall quarter appraoches, we asked our writers to tell us about their favorite memory from Summer 2015.

"I spent an awesome month abroad in Europe with my family!" - Julie Takakjian

"Binge watching '90210.'" - Christina Rice

"Backpacking through Greece and Italy after my semester abroad in Ireland has definitely left me with a lot of favorite summer memories! My favorite by far, however, was when my travel buddy and I got to our hostel in Athens at 2 AM only to realize we had a private room with balcony overlooking the city. We spent the rest of that night watching 300 (when in Greece LOL), drinking wine, and laughing while looking out at the Acropolis in the distance. Talk about perfect!" -Ciara Diaz

"I got to see my favorite band, John Butler Trio, live in concert at The Observatory in Orange County. Best concert of my life! Seriously, check them out." - Christine Holland

"I did study abroad in Paris which was lifechanging. I loved sitting in cafés in the rain, watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night and savoring so much delicious food. The beautiful, romanticized and historic city really taught me about the French culture and a new way to live."   - Lindsay Weinberg

"My graduation trip to Japan for a couple of weeks. It's given me a refreshing start on my post college life and had the opportunity to visit a Shinto Shrine and bought a few talismans and loads of Japanese sweets. Also bought my favorite childhood cat from Ghibli Studios Kiki's Delivery Service. Overall looking to postgrad in a new positive yet invigorating experience." -Aimee Dizon