How Forever 21 Ruined My Halloween

After watching and obsessing over the Mamma Mia prequel this summer, I decided that my besties and I would be the Super Trouper girls for Halloween. I spent the following two months sending them screenshots and links to the "Mamma Mia" pants, contemplating which ones to order. 

I finally settled on a cute and cheap pair from Forever 21 and ordered it a month in advance. This was going to be the year that I actually planned ahead for Halloween instead of digging through my closet last minute for cat ears or a fun hat.

I was extremely excited and tore apart the package when my pants finally arrived, but sadly the pants did not fit me. It turns out Forever 21 does not know what the proper pants sizes are for a small, medium, or large and sent XXS size pants labeled as a M. After spending two hours on the phone with customer service reps overseas, I managed to get them to send me a new pair in the correct size.

I spent the next few weeks praying they would arrive in time for Halloweekend and all of my festivities, but sadly the jeans did not make it. So once again, I dug through my closet, put on a "Cat in the Hat" hat with a simple black dress and called it a night. 

A few days later my pants finally arrived, except they were in the wrong size and the wrong color - just my luck! Well, Mamma Mia...Here we go again.

While Forever 21 ruined my Halloween, I learned an important lesson: sometimes you have to let things go with the flow, even if it's hard for a micro-manager like me. It is almost impossible to actually plan a Halloween costume ahead of time. Next year, I'm just going to give in and order a variety of animal ears for my girl gang.