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How to Experience Los Angeles as a New 21-Year-Old

Even though I turned 21 about a month ago, I’m still trying to explore all that LA has to offer with my newfound 21-year-old privilege.  I was always so excited to turn 21 ever since my sophomore year. I went with my two friends to Honeymee in Sawtelle to get ice cream and saw a karaoke bar that we couldn’t go enter because of our age. We longingly looked at the playlist they offered, which included some of my personal favorites (like early 2000s Britney Spears)!

Fast forward two years and I am finally 21! A month has gone by (finally entering into the holy grail age of twenty-one), thankfully with two of my best friends. Together, we have been able to experience being twenty-one together! 

In search of that 21-year-old bliss, we went to WeHo and here’s what happened.

My friends ordered an Uber, and along comes your typical Toyota soccer mom minivan; however, once inside, it was anything but typical. My friend grabs the aux cord and starts to play J Balvin and out of nowhere, colorful neon lights were turned on inside the van that flashed to the beat of the music. In a matter of seconds, this boring soccer mom van was transformed into a nightclub. H e l l o.

After our fun car ride, we went to Fiesta Cantina. If you’ve ever been to the UCLA favorite—Cabo Cantina in Brentwood—the setup of Fiesta mimics the exact atmosphere of Cabo! Although, the main difference between Cabo and Fiesta is the awesome pop music they play: NSYNC, Beyoncé, early 2000s Ciara and Britney. It was like stepping into a time capsule and I never wanted to leave.

These are the top West Hollywood dance clubs, according to Yelp:

1. Boulevard3

2. Bar Lubitsch

3. Metropolitan Nightclub

4. Rage

5. 1 Oak

6. Party In LA

7. Greystone Manor Supperclub

8. Bootsy Bellows

9. Hollywood Club Crawl

10. LA 5 Star Club Crawl

Overall all the bars at WeHo had great music and great vibes. 10/10 would recommend for your first 21+ experience.

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Mariana is a fourth year student UCLA majoring in International Development Studies and minoring in Urban and Regional Studies. She loves anything and everything with glitter on it. On her free time she enjoys eating acai bowls with her pet bunny, Lenord
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