In Honor of "Damn, Daniel": 4 Things That Went Viral You Totally Forgot About

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Daniel and his friend Josh, the duo that produced the viral “damn, Daniel” video have gotten considerable recognition over the last week and a half. Ellen even invited them on her show, giving Josh a brand new surfboard and Daniel a lifetime supply of vans - perhaps making their current internet fame rise even more. The video has received hundreds of thousands of hits since its posting on Feb. 15. It has even been remixed numerous times and used in advertisements for certain companies, like Clorox.

While it’s common that these viral “memes” are talked about and even perhaps overused during their trending period, they quickly dissipate and are often never or rarely spoken of again after their 15 minutes of fame.

So, in honor of all of the hype around the current internet sensation we know as “damn, Daniel,” let us look back on some of the once similarly viral sensations that are gone, and now forgotten.


1. Alex From Target

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Near the end of 2014, a girl took a picture of young Alex Lee, a cute bag-boy at Target, and posted it on Twitter. He received hundreds of thousands of followers overnight and quickly gained enough traction to be featured on CNN, Ellen and more.

2. Hot Mugshot Guy

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Convicted felon Jeremy Meeks' mugshot was shared on Facebook by local police in 2014 after his arrest in Stockton, California for weapon charges. Little did the police know that this post would go viral and label him as the “hot convict.”

3. Chloe the oh-so-irked

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Chloe and Lily Clem got a big surprise from their parents: a day off from school and a trip to Disneyland. Lily, the older sister, reacted well, maybe a little too well - she began to cry. Hysterically. Two year old sister Chloe on the other hand, was not amused. Her extremely agitated expression at her sister’s reaction in the video became the face of many memes during the time of its posting back in 2013.

4. Left Shark 

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The New England Patriots victory was arguably not what stole the show at the 2015 Super Bowl- instead, halftime performer Katy Perry’s dancer, known as “left shark” grabbed the center of attention. His awkward moves and slightly off execution of the choreography made him the perfect target to poke fun at on the web.

We all were aware of these internet sensations and probably talked about them with our friends and looked at them online for several weeks at a time. But after that, what happened? Will any of them make the big comeback that will make them the subject of conversation and internet fame once again?