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Heartbreak & Adventure: Why “The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise” Is A New YA Favorite

After a year of staying inside, movies have proven to be a source of escapism and entertainment in a time lacking adventure. Hulu’s most recent YA release The Ultimate Playlist of Noise brings youth, tragedy and adventure to the screen. It was welcomed to Hulu on February 15th, with a Premiere and Q&A with PopSugar on February 13th.

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In this emotional story, music aficionado and high school senior Marcus learns he has a brain tumor that requires a surgery and will result in hearing loss. With this devastating news, Marcus sets out on a road trip to record his favorite sounds with indie musician and manic pixie dream girl Wendy, joining him along the way. In the Q&A, leads Keean Johnson and Madeline Brewer discussed the items they took from set (Keean kept Marcus’ jacket because he didn’t have one suitable for cold weather), the concept of the manic pixie dream girl and the depth behind Wendy’s character and the relationship between the characters. 

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The film covers an adventurous YA plot, raw emotional discoveries and how passion can serve as a tool in coping. It provides an optimistic outlook on an otherwise bleak situation which sums up the past year and is something we can all relate to. 

You can now stream The Ultimate Playlist of Noise on Hulu.

Aris is a fourth year pursuing a double major in Harry Styles and Tom Holland (jk, English major) at UCLA. In her free time she likes reading books not assigned to her, discovering coffee shops, and playing with her dog, Kopitar.
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