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Happiness Has Begun: My First Impression of The Jonas Brothers’ New Album, ‘Happiness Begins’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

The Jonas Brothers’ new album, Happiness Begins, just dropped, and I never thought I would be saying that in 2019. But here we are. Earlier this year, the band of brothers finally reunited and made all of our 2009 dreams come true. We finally have new music from none other than Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas. Come on this journey with me as I listen to the new album for the first time and lose my mind along the way. Here are my reactions to my first listen of each new song on Happiness Begins:


The first single from the album, “Sucker” is the perfect blend of Nick’s solo music and Joe’s DNCE. The song is dedicated to the brothers’ wives, who are the subjects of the Alice in Wonderland-esque music video. Best Lyric: “you’re making the typical me/Break my typical rules/It’s true, I’m a sucker for you”


The second single from the album, “Cool” is the summer jam I needed this year. The fun music video and the lyrics paying homage to old JoBros music is perfect for any OG Jonas fan. Best Lyric: “I feel like Post Malone/When I get home/Sitting there winning like it’s Game of Thrones/And now that we’ve made it/How complicated was last year?”

“Only Human”

The opening beat of the song had me instantly bobbing my head and smiling. This one is a bit more dancy than throwback Jonas music, and I am SO into it. Best lyric: “We’re gonna dance in my living room/Slave to the way you move/Hurts when I’m leaving you”

“I Believe”

Another song I just want to dance to!! This slower jam hit me right in the feels. Nick and Joe’s high voices were killing me. The vocals coming from these boys in 2019!!! I believe in you, JB. Best lyric: “’Cause you show me something I can’t live without/I believe, I believe, I believe/When you hold me, it’s like Heaven coming down/I believe, I believe, I believe”

“Used To Be”

These lyrics have me analyzing every moment of the Jonas’ lives. Which past loves are they talking about???? Best Lyric: “Cold feet turned into cold weather/We had love, now it don’t matter/You just thought you could do better/So do better”

“Every Single Time”

I think every song is good?? I’m instantly dancing as soon as each song starts. In the words of Taylor Swift, this beat is SICK. This one is fun because I think we can all relate to wanting someone we can’t have. Best lyric: “Why do, why do, why do, why do I want you/Even though you make it hard and I don’t want to?/And now I’m out and catching feelings like I want you/But all you ever do is look away”

“Don’t Throw it Away”

Okay but is this whole album just the combination of Nick’s solo music and DNCE?? Seriously, everything is the perfect mix of both Joe and Nick’s past sounds. I am loving this so much. “Don’t throw it away” is not a phrase I ever expected to hear sung, and I am here for it. Best lyric: “Don’t save the words ’til it’s too late/I know it hurts and that’s okay/If it’s too much to open up, then give it time/I see it in your eyes so let’s sleep on it tonight”

“Love Her”

Ahhhh, here we go. I’m not crying, you’re crying. A love song for the J sisters. Getting real sentimental and upset that this song wasn’t written for me. PS this song kinda sounds like Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”??? Not mad about it though. Best lyric: “I put my selfish ways in boxes/And shipped ’em back to where they came/Will never let it get close to bein’ toxic/And I promise I’ll never walk away”

“Happy When I’m Sad”

A song about pretending to be happy when you’re sad, and it’s upbeat and dancy? Proud of this use of irony, boys. Good one! PS Joe Jonas is killing it vocally. Thank you for this. Best lyric: “Can’t look how we made it, say “Congratulations”/Lookin’ like I’ll never be lonely again/See me in the mirror, nothin’ ever changes/Never see the sunset, only in my head.” A bonus best lyric: “I put on a smile, don’t need a face-lift/Why can I when everybody fakes it?”


For some reason, I expected “Trust” to be a ballad. It is not, but it is a JAM—that’s for sure. I can’t wait to blast this entire album in my car, but especially this song. I don’t know anything about the bass from a stereo, but this one is definitely going to be cool. Wow. Best lyric: “Take me back to when you were my only/Well, we were thicker than thieves, like a pod, two peas”


Okay, this one is definitely about Nick and his wifey. I can’t wait to learn the lyrics and sing this one at the top of my lungs. It’s SO good, and I think it’s my favorite so far!! Best lyric: “Time stands still and it’s only us/What we feel started way before we ever touched/Just imagine only us”


Another slower jam, thank you! All I want is for the Jonas Brothers to sing to me at all times, and this is the perfect song to be sung to someone. It’s actually kind of beautiful, and I’m crying a little??? I can’t believe they’re back. Wow. Best lyric: “I will take your pain/And put it on my heart/I won’t hesitate/Just tell me where to start/I thank the oceans for giving me you/You saved me once and now I’ll save you too/I won’t hesitate for you”


This one we know from the boys’ documentary, Chasing Happiness. It’s actually iconic and so, so sweet. Another perfect song for driving in a car. I’m afraid of rollercoasters, but I’d ride one for the Jonas Brothers. Best lyric: “It was fun when we were young and now we’re older/Those days when we were broke in California/We were up-and-down and barely made it over”


Okay, this feels like classic Jonas Brothers. I’m crying again. I won’t need to Comeback to you because I’ll never leave you, Joe, Nick and Kevin. Wow, this one is so good—I can’t wait to sing this to the boys in concert. Best Lyric: “Light up the world like only you can do/If you’re lost on the way then I’ll get lost too”

Needless to say, the Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever! I still can’t believe I am 23 years old and I am listening to brand new music from my all-time favorite band. I could not have dreamed up this moment as a 12-year-old. I hope you enjoy the album as much as I do! Happy listening and thank you to the Jonas Brothers for giving us the soundtrack of 2019.

Emily is a graduate of UCLA and former Senior Editor of Her Campus at UCLA. During her free time, Emily loves to read, travel and binge-watch episodes of Gilmore Girls. She can be reached at emilylentz47@gmail.com.
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