Glossier: Skincare and Makeup All In One

Glossier is known as "beauty in real life" and that's just what it is.

Other than the extremely aesthetically pleasing looks of Glossier’s packaging and marketing plus the quality of their products, the message behind Glossier is just as treasurable. Whatever makeup looks you’re into, Glossier can help from beginning to end.

I remember glancing around on YouTube and seeing various Glossier “Get Ready with Me” videos and found myself immediately intrigued. Although these "Get Ready with Me" videos became quite popular for the avid YouTubers, something about Glossier’s videos were particularly pleasing and calming. I think these videos are particularly soothing because of how important self-care is presented within each video. Glossier emits an idea of enhancing one’s unique beauty by simple products that look and feel good.

Recently, Glossier came out with a new and improved lipgloss that is glossy—how Glossier of them— but with no sparkles, just a shine, that provide your lips with a rich moisturizing Vitamin E. This product looks and feels like a dream. But this is not all of Glossier, there are so many products that are inspiring and unique.

Ranging from skincare to makeup or skincare as makeup, Glossier has it. There are multitudes of shades throughout the spectrum of products that I would suggest admiring and getting lost in the website as you dream up how your next paycheck will be spent.

Check some of the Glossier YouTube videos and feel inspired here and here.

Photo Courtesy: Glossier