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Give Them A Grammy: 5 Artists Who’ve Been Snubbed One TOO Many Times

It’s no secret that award shows, especially the EGOTs, are pretty corrupt. Nearly all of them are plagued with performance activism, and their decisions are generally unrepresentative of majority opinions. Regardless, here’s a list of five people who deserve (and have been deserving for a long time) the recognition of a Grammy:

Nicki Minaj

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Not only has Minaj broken countless records, including having the first chart-topping debut on the Billboard Hot 100 of any female solo rap artist since 1988 just last month, but albums like Pink Friday warrant the honor. Give the Queen her dues!


Flo Rida
Flo Rida Welcome To My House GIF by FOX Teen Choice - Find & Share on GIPHY

Okay, yeah, this is going to be controversial, but NAME A FLO RIDA SONG THAT YOU DON’T LIKE. TRY IT. YOU CAN’T. I feel like he can just make any day a good day, and he deserves some praise for that. Are you going to try to disagree with me?

Miley Cyrus

I feel like she just shows this whole life journey through her music, and even her covers are hands down fabulous. We got to grow up with her because she let us. Honestly, she deserved a Grammy way back in her Hannah Montana era.


I don’t care that she’s slightly newer; her music hits just the right nerve. I don’t know that I will ever not have her on a playlist of mine from now on. I’m not much of an album person, but some of her songs are such listen-to-only-them-and-no-other-music-for-two-weeks-type songs.


Kehlani was the first artist I saw at a music festival, and they just consistently show such a wide range of moods. Their music was also one of the first experiences I had of songs that portray and communicate a non-heterosexual relationship, and so that, coupled with the fact that their songs themselves are just so good, earns Kehlani a Grammy in my opinion.

Yes, this list isn’t extensive and is completely subjective so I’d also argue that Queen, Diana Ross, ABBA and many other artists deserve a Grammy, but the ones listed above were the ones I felt most passionate about this week. I still think that the whole award thing is pretty baseless, but it’s fun to argue about it regardless. I think noms for the next Grammys are coming up, so we’ll see if I get to check any off my snubbed list this year. 

Leila is from New York City and is a second-year Statistics major at UCLA. When she's not looking for article ideas for HC UCLA, she can be found at the beach with a book or finding fun places around LA!