Girl Power was at the Heart of the Freeform Summit

In a time in the world when women are finally getting the recognition and tools they need in order to thrive in society, it only seems appropriate that Freeform would want to hop on the train to Feminism. For the first time ever, Freeform hosted its own summit in which they held panels that discussed millennials, the relationships that are displayed on our TV screens and how the creators and actors go about creating authentic story lines. Most importantly, one of the reoccurring themes through most panels was the idea that women are now being represented the RIGHT way because they actually have the opportunities to do so.

During the first panel of the night, “Millennials are Destroying all the Industries,” Kenya Barris (EP, grown-ish) stated:

“Millennials and WOMEN are destroying everything because it needs to be destroyed”

The institutions that are in our current society, especially in Hollywood, are now being called out for their blatant discrimination and harassment against women. People might think that these organizations are being ruined because of that, but that is exactly what needs to be done. Those who are higher up should not get away with the wrongs they’ve been committing—they must be destroyed.

Model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss went on to share her astonishment with the fact that she was even present at an event like this because it’s rare for women outside of specific industries to come together and be successful:

“The fact that I’m sitting here proves that anything is possible, [and] the fact that a model is not only being seen but heard is phenomenal.”

Karlie Kloss is the queen of coding at this point, and the fact that she can rock a runway and run a non-profit organization encouraging young women working in STEM is amazing. Her success should not go unnoticed. Freeform recognizes this in her, and they have helped grow her brand in a way that is not only inspiring, but also an amazing example to set for other industries.

In the second panel of the night, “Understanding and Cultivating Love on and off Screen,” Esther Povitsky explained what it has been like working with Freeform on her show Alone Together, which she co-created, produces, and stars in. She stated:

There ARE stories to be told about men and women relationships that have nothing to do with sex, and they can do things that are not sexual.

She went on to praise the network for not asking her “Who is going to be your love interest?” or “what is your job going to be?” Freeform simply let her pitch of the show run wild, and they trusted that the show would work even though it didn't include the great love interests that most shows have.

The Bold Type is easily one of Freeform’s most successful female-centric shows that celebrates women, their friendships and their jobs. The characters on screen are just as amazing off-screen and their authenticity shines through their personalities. During the second panel, Melora Hardin shared that almost every woman in power she knows tries to inspire and challenge their employees, and how that is an important element to running an organization, which her character on the show, Jacqueline, implements in her work.

The entire night had a stunning amount of girl power in every panel, every conversation, and even in one of their photo backgrounds that included the "Times Up" logo. It all came together at the perfect time. Hello, Women’s March 2018!

Freeform has always been a network that celebrates women and diversity and it is obvious when looking at all of the shows that have been featured on the channel. Keep up the great work Freeform! You are helping change the game!

Photos courtesy of Emily Lentz