Girl Power: 5 Powerful Female Icons In The Music Industry That I'm Thankful For

As always during the school year, I listen to an ungodly amount of music every day to keep me focused and motivated. Lately, I’ve found that my top artists all have one common theme: they’re absolute queens-but not just because of their music. In the spirit of gratitude, I decided to highlight five female artists and groups that I’m thankful for. We all know and love these stars, but beyond their music, they use their platforms to empower their fans and creative positive change.

  1. I have to start this off with one of the most iconic girl bands of all time. It breaks my heart that Little Mix is so underappreciated here in the U.S. These girls really know how to put on a show. If you’ve ever seen a live performance, you’ll know that these girls can execute intense choreo while delivering their vocals flawlessly. I’m grateful for Little Mix because of the incredible range and versatility they have as a band. On top of their outstanding music, the girls all use their platforms to discuss important mental health issues. Recently, member Jesy Nelson released an autobiographic documentary entitled Odd One Out that focused on her mental health following mass scrutiny and criticism of her body in comparison to her bandmates. (PSA: They just dropped their sixth album “Confetti!” Go check it out!)

  2. 2. Rihanna

    Rihanna on Vogue magazine

    I love Rihanna because she goes above and beyond the music industry to promote diversity and inclusion with her company, Fenty Beauty. You can tell that her diverse models aren’t just for show; she makes products for all skin tones and body types! She also recently donated $5 million to help communities in need combat the coronavirus. WHAT. A. QUEEN.

    But also, could you imagine what the 2000’s would be like without her hits like “Umbrella,” “Rude Boy” and “We Found Love?” What type of world would we be living in without her collabs with Drake? Her music is timeless!

  3. Hair Flip

    Where do I even begin with Beyoncé? No one does female empowerment quite like Beyoncé does. Since the start of her career in the 90’s, she has not ceased to put a positive spotlight on the black experience, whether through her music or through her other work, such as her film, Black Is King. She makes her audience feel seen and powerful. Her BeyGOOD initiative has worked to aid sick children, the homeless population and those displaced by natural disasters in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She’s an amazing role model for young girls everywhere; she knows her worth and makes sure the entire world knows it too. She’s truly “Irreplaceable.”

  4. The best thing about Ari is that she simply NEVER MISSES. She doesn’t make bad music! I appreciate her because her music brings me so much joy; she has incredible raw talent, and I love the way she connects her lyrics from different albums. Her creativity practically oozes out of her melodies and her entertaining music videos. Every time I think she can’t top her last album, she hits us with an even better one. You can tell she truly loves what she does, which makes her fans love it even more!

    Aside from her music, Ariana Grande has been known to be a social activist and philanthropist. Following the 2017 attack at her concert in Manchester, England, she raised $3.5 million for the victims and for the British Red Cross. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been using her platform to promote social distancing as well as sharing the charities, non-profit organizations and small businesses she has been donating to.

    Check out this video of her singing “Dangerous Woman” completely a capella. Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t deny that this woman can SING.

  5. I love Billie because she really doesn’t care at all what the world thinks of her. I admire her honesty and how she always keeps it real. She’s different, quirky and she owns it. She boldly challenges standard pop music with her unique music style and challenges traditional ideals of feminine beauty with the way she dresses. I also admire how she’s not afraid to openly speak about her struggles with mental health and body image. I think she’s taught her fans two main lessons: age doesn’t define success and stay true to yourself. She’s the second and first female artist to win all four major Grammy categories in one night- at only 18 years old. She’s incredible! Check out her short film on shaping her self worth based on what others think of her.

Knowing all the positive, influential projects these artists engage in makes me appreciate their music even more. There's nothing better than an artist who makes amazing music and does amazing things for those who need it!