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The Girl behind the Jokes: Spring Sing Company’s Lauren Vally

If you’ve been in a room for 5 minutes with third-year theater major Lauren Vally, you’ve likely burst into laughter at least once. If you attended Spring Sing 2011, you already have. Fresh off her stint with the Spring Sing Company, the comedic cutie (who is “single and ready to mingle”) spoke with Her Campus about the life, love and dreams of  a funny girl.
Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle

Her Campus: When did you first discover theater, and your knack for comedy?
Lauren Vally: I have been performing for as long as I can remember. When my babysitters would come over, I would put on a full-fledged original musical. My mother is a stand-up comedian and my father is just an all around wacky hippie, thus creating the oddball child who had no choice but to be funny.

HC: What is your dream career?
LV: My dream career is to be the first female host of The Tonight Show. I want to be the female Conan O’Brien.

HC: You recently a member of Spring Sing Company 2011. What was that like? Was there any comedian rivalry for who could get the best laugh?
LV: It was a dream come true for me to be on company. I have always loved acting, hence why I am a theatre major, but when it comes time for me to enter the real world, the work I was doing on Company, is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Being in a room with fourteen other very funny people was very intimidating at first. At our first writer’s pitch I was terrified to have my script read a loud, but as soon as it happened, I was overwhelmed with support from the group. Although Company can be competitive, at the end of they day we were all working together to put on the same show.

HC: When it comes to boyfriends, does a funny girl like yourself require a man with the same quick wit?
LV: In terms of dating, I am pretty open to all types of men, but I do prefer men to boys. ;) I like a guy who can keep up with me and is not afraid to be silly in public. We only live once. I think it’s important to laugh as much as possible, especially with people you are romantic with.

HC: Is it true that all comedians have a sensitive soul under the jokes?
LV: Absolutely. Underneath all our crazy, wacky exteriors is a soft little peep (yes the marshmallow candies from Easter) just dying to be understood.

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