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Get Your Mickey Ears Ready Because Disneyland Announced 5 New Updates For The Upcoming Months

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Attention! The happiest place on earth has recently released some important news that might affect your next trip to Disneyland. As we all know, it’s almost that time of the year, where we enjoy the holidays with family and friends, have some hot chocolate and wear fluffy pajamas. However, with the holidays comes an increase in prices. Be sure to save up for this upcoming month because Disneyland just got a bit more expensive.

A young woman stretching her arms to show her spirit jersey and Ariel mickey ears
Original photo by Maria Alfaro

The Dream Key Has Sold Out!

Back in August, Disneyland introduced the Magic Key program making Disney fans super excited. The program has three keys: Dream, Believe, and Enchant. There is also a fourth key, Imagine, which is only open to California residents. Each key has a different set of benefits, the Imagine key having the least benefits. At first glance, the Dream key looks way too expensive, costing $1399. But its benefits were better than the others:

  • Admission to both parks
  • No blackout dates (a big plus)
  • Free parking (that’s already saving at least $30 every trip)
  • 20% off select merchandise 
  • 15% off select food and beverages 
  • You could make up to six reservations

The Dream key became an automatic hit among Disney fans. Many stopped their trip to Disneyland and waited for the program to start on August 25th to get their key. It was so popular that it completely sold out on October 25th, two months after its release. Before the program went into effect, Disney did announce that the keys might sell out due to their limited capacity on reservations. For now, there have been no announcements on whether guests will be able to purchase this key any time soon. We can only wait and see what Disney has in store for us. 

Ticket Prices Are Rising + 6th Tier

Once again, Disneyland increases the prices of their tickets. Definitely not fun times. Just before they reopened, they increased their tickets back in February and again we see it happening. They’re rising a couple of more dollars, no more than $10, as a way to keep their control over the crowds. Now that the holidays are coming, they expect more guests to want to visit the parks so they have readjusted their tiers. The only tier that stayed the same was tier one, which is $104 on a slow day (that is nowhere near the holidays). Not only did they increase their tickets, but they announced a sixth tier coming soon. This tier will be the most expensive, a one-day ticket costing $164 compared to the $154 it was before. This tier will allow guests to go on weekends and holidays such as Christmas, Spring break, Labor Day and many others. It’s best to start saving up because these new changes will take effect next year in March!

Daily Parking Has Increased

Not only have tickets increased, but Disneyland parking has increased from $25 to $30. While it doesn’t sound like a big change, this can be seen as an expensive one if you have a magic key that does not include parking. Daily parking can be purchased on the app or website to make the guest’s experience better.

Is The Tram Coming Back?

Ever since Disneyland reopened back in April, guests kept asking when the trams were going to come back. Guests kept voicing their opinion on how the walk from the parking lot to the Disney parks was anything but fun and magical. Let me tell you, that walk is brutal especially on the way back when you’re ready to fall asleep just about anywhere. The last time I went to Disney, it decided to start drizzling at night, so there I was walking back to the parking lot with my friend in the cold night all tired. A lot of guests have experienced this so I understand their constant questioning. Finally, Disneyland has given us an exciting answer: yes! The tram will be coming back in early 2022! No more long walks before and after the park, now we’ll get to save that energy for inside the park!

It is a picture of Disney California Adventure at night
Original photo by Maria Alfaro

Disneyland is a fun place to visit for a vacation, it’s a must, but sometimes the prices can be discouraging. My advice? It’s time to start saving up for these upcoming holidays because a trip to Disneyland just became more pricey.

Maria Alfaro is a fourth year student at UCLA majoring in Sociology and minoring in Spanish. She joined HerCampus at UCLA in 2021 and ever since has been able to do what she enjoys; write and share her stories with everyone. Her love for journalism grows with each story she gets to write. She loves to meet new people and learn new things. In her free time you can find her exploring the city of LA, dancing, binge-watching, blogging or relaxing.