Get Paid to Live In This Little Quaint Italian Town

That’s right friends, it’s time to live your own Lizzie McGuire experience in Italy. The mayor of Candela, an Italian town just 80 miles from Naples, is asking people to move into the town and he will pay them! Back in the ‘60s Candela was known as Little Naples and was bustling with tourism.

Candela has an aging population which is hurting their population numbers. Currently the population is about 2,500 people, back in ‘90s the population was close to 8,000. To solve this population problem, the mayor, Nicola Gatta, is willing to pay people up to 2,00 euros so that YOU move to Italy. Mayor Gatta says "I work each day with passion and commitment to bring Candela back to its ancient splendor." But lately the once bustling streets are now silent and Gatta  is on a desperate crusade to save Candela from dying out.

There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to qualify for this Italian stipend. These include: renting a house and finding a job that pays at least 7,500 euros a year. In regards to the lifestyle of Candela, one residents says "Life quality rocks here. We haven't had one crime in 20 years."

Candela also offers some great cultural festivals. Public money is used to fund folkloric costume parties. Each year, a colorful flower art festival takes place.

New residents can take part in a fascinating one-week horseback tour along the wild Tratturo Regio route connecting Candela to the coastal town of Pescasseroli in Abruzzo, where livestock were moved from high to low lands as the seasons changed. There are also plans to open a toy museum and a showroom of medieval dresses.

Just to sweeten the deal, remember that this will be your patio view:

*images courtesy of NY Post and Giphy