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Get Egg-cited for the Egg House Pop-up Opening in Los Angeles

Calling all egg fanatics! Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the world of an egg? The Egg House, founded by Biubiu Xu, is an egg-themed pop-up space with super cute visual and physical adaptations of the dreams of Ellis the Egg.

With the exhibition located on the corner of Croft and Melrose Avenue, you are able to enjoy quality egg attractions and appreciate everything that West LA has to offer. Since the exhibit is located in LA, there are a lot of LA-inspired attractions inside. From the Hollywood Sign, Staples Center and the Santa Monica Pier, it truly is a tour through Los Angeles.

The Egg House welcomes guests with a giant egg carton full of eggs. The carton isn’t there just for show! We were more than happy to be able to move around the huge display, climb into the giant carton and become one with the eggs.

After visiting the giant egg carton, we made a pitstop for brunch! Is there anything better than eggs and toast for breakfast? This exhibit is interiored with boiled egg-inspired chairs and palm tree wallpaper. We felt like real #BrunchBabes! 

Up next on the egg-tastic adventure is Hollywood, where we were able to live out our dreams of becoming real Hollywood chic(k)s. Catch us pop-out and crack a Hollywood deal in the near future!

Coming face to face with large-scale displays, we instantly felt miniature, but gigantic at the same time, especially with the egg and grocery cart exhibit! 

Next was The Egg House’s homage to the Staples Center! We were stoked that we had the chance to *shoot our shot* with this very LA-esque basketball scene. We had to compensate with our serious game-faces to balance out the pink and blue pastel aesthetic. Ball up, anyone?

After shooting some baskets and getting our *egg* in the game, we stumbled upon a Route-66 inspired exhibition. Out of all the displays, this is the only one that took a hiatus from all the bright and fun pastel colors with its black and white theme!

Before heading down to the lower floor of The Egg House exhibition, we were fascinated by the colorful display of rainbow-inspired egg stands. Each stand had its different shades of the same color, reminding us of the Seven Magic Mountain art installation in the middle of the Las Vegas desert (minus the desert weather and travel).

In the lower level of the pop-up, we were greeted by a giant ball pit filled with yellow and white plastic balls, egg plushies and a Santa Monica Pier inspired decorative wall piece that is SO Insta-worthy! (Not to mention how easy it was to get comfy in the pit).

We had so much fun living our dreams of being an egg for a day! The Egg House is opening to the general public starting next week! Tickets can be found here. Don’t miss out on this egg-citing photo opportunity and avo’ eggcellent day!


Mikee is an alumna at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and served as the HCUCLA President and one of the Campus Correspondents for the 2019-2020 school year. She is a lover of all things pink, aesthetic, and good storytelling. In her spare time pre-pandemic, you would find her watching a good rom-com movie, going to Disneyland, exploring more of Los Angeles through coffee shops, brunch places, and events, or playing with her puppy, Snowie! During the pandemic, she enjoys graphic designing on her iPad (and watching even more rom-coms with Snowie). Currently, Mikee is bringing Disney+ moments to life through world-class campaigns at The Walt Disney Company and earning her Master's Degree in Communication Management at the University of Southern California (USC). Contact Mikee via email at [email protected] or visit her portfolio at http://mklchc.co
Diana is a fourth year undergraduate student at UCLA, studying Linguistics and Computer as her major and Cognitive Science as her minor. She is one of the graphic designers for Her Campus UCLA. 
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