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Fraternity Puts 12-year-old Hospital Patient’s Name in Lights

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

The friendship started when Lexi Brown posted a note on her hospital window asking for a pizza delivery. Her hospital window happens to face the fraternity house for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and its members answered her request as well as did one better – they showed up with red roses and a guitar.

“You know, one of our creeds is being a true gentleman, and that’s following through and making sure that we do everything we can,” said Christian Wehrly, an SAE fraternity member. Then, over the weekend, the fraternity decided to do even more for the seventh grader by putting Lexi’s name in lights on the roof of their frat house.

Lexi has a sarcoma, and the cancer has spread to her lungs. Last week, the chemotherapy that she has been receiving caused her heart to fail. “It’s absolutely a very difficult situation, and she’s a warrior,” said Kevin Autran, the President of the SAE fraternity. Her family is hopeful that she’ll be able to go back home to Santa Maria on Friday, but the fraternity says her name will remain in lights through the holidays.

An online fundraising page has been set-up to assist Lexi’s family with medical costs. For more information, click here.

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