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Four Best GE Classes to Take in Your Undergrad Career

The Four Best GE Classes to Take in Your UCLA Undergrad Career.

1.      Music History 68: The Beatles

Requirement: Visual and Performance Arts, Society and Culture

The Beatles course is one of the most wanted courses that UCLA has to offer. By exploring the meaning and the beginnings of The Beatles, you get to learn the culture that inspired their music. Aside from music, you learn what was happening in society when the band was at its peak and how that has shaped and influenced their music. If you love The Beatles or are a fan of pop culture, then this class is definitely for you!


2.      Theater 10: Introduction to American Theater

Requirement: Visual and Performance Arts

Theater is fun, especially when you get to read about interesting plays and the role it plays in today’s society. Topics range from acting methods to screenplay adaptions and more! If you are in search of stepping out of your comfort zone and do short monologues, then this class is perfect for you! Depending on the professor, some of the work will allow you to attend a performance or analyze a play and what it means.

3.      German 59: Holocaust in Film and Literature

Requirement: Philosophical & Linguistic

The Holocaust is one of the most prominent events in world history and we honor those victims by studying their culture and lifestyle. As always, it depends on the professor of what books he/she will choose for the class to read, but it is most likely they will be a good read. In addition, film lovers will enjoy analyzing and discussing how the Holocaust was portrayed in film and why the director chose to make such a movie.

4.      History 13C: History of the U.S. and its Colonial Origins: 20th Century

Requirement: Historical Analysis

History tends to be one of the most tedious subjects but this class will not disappoint. Topics covered in this course include suffrage, racial segregation, and terrorism and you learn how the United States came to be the way it is today. Other aspects of this course include politics, economics and social culture during the 20th century so if you are someone who loves learning about the world, past and present, then this course is for you.

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