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Finals Week Study Tips

1)   Study for a half hour to an hour before bed. Studies show that during sleep your brain solidifies memories you so will better remember what you studied.

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2)   Switch up locations. Studies show that studying the same subject in different locations allows the brain to make different associations of the material allowing you to have a better understanding of the material. Try a library one day and a coffee shop the next day. 

image source:http://blog.admissions.ucla.edu/2012/01/04/new-year-resolutions/41652933…

3)   Make time to work out. I know it’s difficult trying to find an hour to do some cardio during finals week, but it will help you absorb information and stay focused in the long run. It’s better to have four productive hours of studying than five mediocre ones! 

image source:http://www.healthfitnessandbodybuilding.com/2013/08/30/run-cardio-run/

4)   Space out your studies. It is better to study for different classes in two hour blocks than one class for six hours straight.

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5)   Try to stay away from too much junk food. I know it is tempting since you don’t have time to make food and the libraries are surrounded by candy filled vending machines, but try sticking to simple healthy foods like bananas and trail mix and leave the sweets for minimal  rewards.

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Good luck everyone!! 

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