Fathers’ Day Gift Guide: 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is swiftly approaching, so I’ve compiled a list of five gift ideas that will really impress your dad or any father figures you might have in your life. This includes your grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and step-dads. These men can be so important to us, and they deserve some nice gifts to remind them of that fact. And, if they need it, now is the perfect time to help them up their style game!

  1. 1. Leather Accessories Pouch from STOW

    If your dad is always losing something, like his phone or reading glasses, then I’d recommend getting him this super chic Large Leather Accessories Pouch from STOW. Their supple leather pouches feature a secure drawstring, so that your dad can always stay organized. And, not only that, but he’ll be able to stay stylishly accessorized too!

  2. 2. Engravable Watches from SouFeel

    Or, maybe your dad is more of a watch guy? If that’s the case, consider snagging him a customizable, engravable watch from SouFeel. All of their pieces are hand-finished and totally modern in design, so they’ll definitely give your dad the touch of polish he needs. 

  3. 3. Trendy, Colorful Shirts from Pax Philomena

    Next up, we have Pax Philomena, a company that fuses rich Indian block prints with timeless Italian style. If you want your dad to step up his fashion game, then snag him a couple of their collared shirts - your dad will thank you for years to come for finding his new favorite clothing brand!

  4. 4. Chic Athleisure from PROUD

    Maybe you want to give back while shopping for a Father’s Day gift? Well, PROUD donates 10% of all purchases to charity. Plus, their logo will show everyone how PROUD your dad is of his kids!

  5. 5. Comfy Pajamas from Posh Peanut

    And, finally, if you’re looking for something on the cozier side, then look no further than Posh Peanut! Posh Peanut has super soft pajamas and robes that will allow your dad to just sit back and relax this Father's Day.

That being said, no matter what you decide to get your dad or father figure for Father’s Day this year, just make sure he knows he’s loved!