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Fall Style Trend-Booties


Living in Southern California, we don’t really get the full “Fall Experience.” Sure, we can dilute ourselves into thinking that we do by drinking a ton of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but many times it’s too hot to actually enjoy all of the trends that fall has to offer. One trend that we can embrace here in SoCal is wearing booties! All of the fun about fall boots in a smaller and more weather appropriate package.

Source: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8318/7931503552_cac1c13591_z.jpg

One of the best parts about booties is that they come in in a wide variety of styles. They can range from being essentially flat to having a stiletto heel and come in a huge assortment of colors and materials. Non-heeled booties are perfect for walking to class (or Starbucks) with style, while heeled booties can be the perfect addition to your date night ensemble. Booties are also easy to dress up or dress down, making them a great addition to any girl’s fall wardrobe.

Source: http://www.beautyandbows.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/brown-purple-sweater-skinny-jeans-black-ankle-booties-2.jpg

One easy fall outfit is to pair a cute pair of booties with a pair of skinny jeans. Just cuff the jeans and add a comfy sweater for a polished and fun look with minimal effort. 

Source: https://s-media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/70/47/ce/7047ce07497bb7dc3fdbba629b4328c9.jpg

Not a fan of jeans? Then try wearing a pair of booties with a skirt and leggings or tights. Add a touch of class and style to any fall day!

Source: http://24yes.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/0211.jpg

Want to wear booties on a night out? No problem! Pair a little black dress with a pair of chunky or stiletto booties for a sleek look that is sure to turn heads.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ashley Farmer is a fourth year Communication Studies major with her eyes set on law school. When she isn't binge-watching something on Netflix, she spends her free time hanging out with her Kappa Delta sisters, crafting, and wearing more pink than anybody should.
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