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It seems as if the long hair craze is on its way out. This season, many girls are breaking out their scissors and trying something new: the Lob. Short for “long bob”, this length falls anywhere from the shoulders to a little below the collar bone instead of above the shoulders.

After having long hair for a while, split ends and breakage happen more frequently, leaving hair dried out, dull, and thinning. The lob not only gets rid of these dead ends, it can actually leave hair looking fuller and healthier than before. The lob is short enough to make styling less of a hassle and feel lighter in weight, yet still long enough to create fun hairdos. You really get the best of both worlds from long and short hairstyles with this cut.

Many celebrities like Chloë Grace Moretz, Ashley Benson, and Emma Stone are rocking this style right now. Even Lauren Conrad recently chopped off her famous long California-girl locks to try something new. For girls who are hesitant about cutting their hair short, this is the perfect style to start out with!

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