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Exclusive: VS Angels Josephine Skriver and Romee Strijd Share Importance of Valentines’ Self Love

Victoria Secret Angels Josephine Skriver and Romee Strijd believe that this year, it is time to celebrate Me-Day instead of V-Day. We caught up with them at the Santa Monica Victoria Secret store on Feb 6th and talked about how they are celebrating "Me-Day" this year.

What is Me-Day? Well the name says it all! Focus on you, you, and just you.

Romee says that the best way to pamper yourself this Valentine’s is to treat yourself with whatever makes you happy – whether it is planning a comfortable night in for yourself at home, doing something fun with your girl friends, or purchasing a little sweet gift for yourself like a new fragrance or scented spice.

Josephine suggested taking a long shower and giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror is always important when you are focusing on yourself.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Josephine and Romee to hear their thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey, their best memories from high school, their most embarrassing and romantic dates, and more!

Join us, Josephine & Romee in rewriting Valentine’s Day as celebration of self-love and empowerment. 

Photos Courtesy of Mandy Santoso

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