Everything You Need To Know About Episode 4 Of "The Bachelor"

Welcome back to another recap of Pilot Pete's season on The Bachelor! You are in for an especially dramatic episode this week. In episode four, we got out of the Bachelor Mansion in LA and began the season’s traveling. This week, Peter and the girls traveled to…Cleveland? Classic Bachelor… the first trip they take is always to some random city in the U.S. where you spend the entire episode questioning the relevance of the location. Nevertheless, the girls seemed psyched to get out of the house.

The episode began with a one-on-one date with Victoria F., but this was no normal one-on-one. The date began with the couple flying to a private, completely rented out amusement park. They went on a bunch of thrill rides together, with Peter comparing their love to a roller coaster…interesting comparison. They then sat down for lunch and toasted to having “an even number of kids" if they make it to the end of this. Alrighty. 

The day portion of the date ended with a private country concert featuring the musician, Chase Rice, in the amusement park, as Bachelor dates often do. As the two entered the crowd and made their way up to the center stage, Peter began to dance. Only Victoria seemed stiff and awkward. As soon as they entered the concert, her face turned pale and she looked like she wanted to throw up. The scene changed to a confessional, where she admitted to the camera, through tears, that she was freaking out because Chase Rice was her ex-boyfriend.

The devil works hard, but the Bachelor Producers certainly work harder. Poor Victoria. But also, poor Peter!! Peter was having an awesome time, saying it was one of the best dates he had ever been on. After the concert, Peter talked to Chase and told him how awesome their date was and how happy he was that Chase could perform. Chase nodded awkwardly, and Victoria paced back and forth biting her nails and crying. The whole thing was so uncomfortable, and oblivious Peter was smiling wider than I have ever seen him this season.

Next up was the night time portion of the date, and Victoria prepared to tell Peter everything. She was shaking so hard in fear of his reaction. When she finally got the words out (and boy did it take her a while), poor Peter was so blindsided and could not believe it. Victoria stormed out crying and Peter sat there in shock. I am pretty sure the pain and anger they were both feeling was more directed towards the producers than towards each other.

But of course, the date had a happy ending. Peter told Victoria that he was not angry with her at all. He in fact was happy she told him, because all he could ever ask for was honesty. In that moment, he trusted her more than anything. The two kissed, made up and had a happy rest of their night.

The middle of the episode was a drama ridden group date, or perhaps what we may call a typical group date. Peter had the girls gear up and play a game of football, with the prize being that the winning team gets to go an after party that night with Peter and the losing team goes home. In typical Bachelor fashion, the game ended in a tie, and the girls were pissed. A group date of thirteen…the largest ever.

But oh wait, it was about to grow by one more. If you did not remember from last week, Alayah got sent home after being accused of being manipulative by Victoria P., one of Peter’s frontrunners. She seemed pretty fake, so most people thought it was the right decision. But, Peter was a little distraught over it and questioned whether he made the right decision.

Well of course, during this cocktail party, who walks in and crashes the party? None other than Alayah. She immediately goes to find Peter, interrupting him and telling him she needs to speak with him. She goes on to tell him that she felt like she was sent home for unfair reasons because everything Victoria P. told him about her was false. She added that the reason she had not defended herself when Peter confronted her last week was because she was so shocked that Victoria would say that.

Peter was obviously taken aback. He was now having two women telling him completely opposite sides of the same story, so someone was lying, and it seemed like it was Victoria, a woman he was starting to really like. He went and got Victoria, and sat the two women down together to make them sort it out. There was a lot of fake crying and a lot of “THIS IS MY TRUTH” claims, so what is the real truth? I watched the whole scene and I honestly cannot tell you what that is. Nevertheless, Peter walked away from the conversation feeling like he made the wrong decision sending Alayah home. So, to win her back into the house, he gave her the group date rose.

I have never seen the women more angry. As they left the group date, the women agreed they were going to have choice words with Peter at the next rose ceremony. The last date of the episode was another one-on-one, but this time with Kelsey. They seemed to have a good time together, and they really bonded over their dinner portion when she opened up about her parents divorce and how that has affected her through the tough exterior she has built to protect herself. He gave her the rose as they watched the fireworks over the Cleveland skyline.

The last ten minutes of the episode were literally the most stressful ten minutes of the season so far. The girls came prepared to talk to Peter about the disrespect he showed when bringing Alayah back into the house and giving her the group date rose. The night turned into a total feeding frenzy, with Peter getting attacked by literally every single girl either crying or yelling at him. The episode ended with the girls loudly arguing, and Peter pacing back and forth, sweating, wondering if they were all going to walk out on him. According to him, he kind of deserved it.

Peter made a mistake, but those girls did not have to drag him like that. The episode ended with a good old “To Be Continued,” leaving viewers like me sad and empty and hoping little Peter baby is ok. But based on the previews for next week, I think everything turns out just fine. Stay tuned for next week's recap!