Everything You Need To Know About Episode 3 Of "The Bachelor"

Last night, Pilot Pete got one step closer to finding his future wife (sob) on episode 3 of The Bachelor. In case you missed the last two weeks, all you need to know is that Madison got the first one-on-one and met Peter's parents, Hannah Ann got the first impression rose and Kelsey got into an altercation with Hannah Ann over #Champagnegate.

*For those who need to learn about #ChampagneGate:

Kelsey brought a bottle of champagne on the show that she has been storing at her home in Des Moines for the past year, because she wanted to open it with Peter. Hannah Ann happened to stumble upon this bottle of champagne during last week’s cocktail party, and not knowing it belonged to Kelsey, popped it open with Peter. Long story short, cue a two on one?

The episode began with the continuation of Kelsey and Hannah Ann’s conflict. The two continued to yell at each other, cry in front of each other and Hannah Ann even accused Kelsey of blowing this situation so out of proportion that she had created a “fadasco”… (I think she meant “fiasco”?). They eventually put their issues to rest, although they made it clear they still do not like each other.

Next, Victoria P. and Peter had an adorable one-on-one. Victoria P is the nurse you may remember from episode one. The two went line dancing and seemed to have a lot of fun together. Later that night, they went to a candlelit dinner where Victoria shared with Peter a little about her childhood spent in and out of foster homes. Peter was so supportive and sweet while listening to her, and he comforted her when she eventually broke down. Their time spent together seemed very genuine, and Peter said he feels really good about their connection.

For the group date of this week, Demi Burnett returned to the show! She came in hot with Demi’s Extreme Pillow Fight, making the girls square off and battle it out to be crowned queen of the pillow fight. And you know it would not be a group date without the start of some new beef. The rivalry that took over last night’s episode was between Alayah and Sydney. Alayah is a pageant girl turned orthodontist’s assistant from Texas, and Sydney is a real estate marketing manager from Alabama. The final pillow fight was held between the two, with Demi crowning Alayah the champion and even bestowing a tiara upon her (which she then wore to the group date dinner).

That night, Peter had mediocre conversations with the girls until he pulled Sydney aside. She decided to tell Peter how she really felt about Alayah. She told him that she felt that Alayah put up a front for the cameras, and was a totally different person when Peter was not around. Peter was seriously concerned and he immediately went to Alayah to confront her. She seemed to ease his mind for the time being, but not enough to completely convince him considering Sydney came out on top with the group date rose.

Sydney- image courtesy of ABC

Of course, it would not be a typical Bachelor episode three without - wait for it - the Bachelor Mansion Pool Party!! Unfortunately, this pool party was not as fun as they usually are. Peter, still distraught over the accusations about Alayah, spent the entire time going around and asking the girls if they felt certain women (cough cough Alayah) were fake and acted differently around the cameras. Most of the girls did indeed agree that she had this tendency, but a couple of them blamed this on her pageant girl background. Peter thought he felt better about the situation, but then he talked to Victoria P. Victoria, former Miss Louisiana, had met and interacted with Alayah previously at the Miss USA competition. She revealed to Peter that Alayah had actually come to her before production and asked her to lie to producers and say that they had never met before.

Alayah - image courtesy of ABC 

Obviously, Peter was shook. He went straight to Alayah and confronted her. She tried to explain herself and say that she felt her and Victoria’s connection could risk them both being cast on the show, but Peter did not seem to believe her. His face turned red, and after she tried and failed to defend herself once more he stormed out. Cue Chris Harrison. And whenever Chris Harrison walks in, you know you are about to hear something you do not want to hear. Of course, he tells the girls that not only has Peter gone home for the day, but he is not coming back until the rose ceremony that night. So, the cocktail party is canceled. The girls begin to freak out.

Finally, the rose ceremony begins. At the beginning of the ceremony, three girls already had roses from dates: Victoria F., Victoria P. and Sydney. He first gave out roses to the favorites: Kelsey, Hannah Ann and Madison. At this point in the show, those are basically the only names you need to know. After a painful rose ceremony of distributing roses to girl after girl that I barely recall having ever seen before, he gets down to two.

This is where it gets good.

Chris Harrison comes in with two roses left on the table and takes one. And for dramatic effect, he adds the statement,  “Ladies, this is the final rose tonight." With five or six girls left, Peter gives the final rose to the only frontrunner without a rose, Mykenna, sending Alayah packing. However, on the preview for next week, it looks like she…comes back? Guess you have to stay tuned! I would definitely recommend continuing to watch because Peter’s season is off to a crazy start. Tune in Monday nights at 8pm to follow his journey!