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taylor and belly in the summer i turned pretty season 2
taylor and belly in the summer i turned pretty season 2
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East Coast Chic: Your Guide To Coastal Granddaughter Essentials

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Although the old belief — the one the coastal grandmother would believe — is that you can’t wear white pants until Memorial Day, the coastal granddaughter disagrees.

The coastal granddaughter aesthetic encapsulates the fashion trends of East Coast living, but is the more modern and youthful version of its counterpart, the coastal grandmother. It focuses on clothing you’d see at the beach or near the seaside, with neutral tones and beachy pops of color and fabrics like linen and knit.

As a true-blooded East Coast native, I live and breathe the coastal granddaughter aesthetic. To me, it embraces the best parts of New England in the summer; I think of Nantucket, colorful hydrangeas, long days spent at the beach, and long nights outside at the dinner table with your family.

So, without further ado — here are my coastal granddaughter essentials!

A good pair of linen pants

When I say this one, I don’t mean just any pair of linen pants. I mean a good pair of linen pants. Ones that fit you perfectly, can be dressed up or down, are the perfect amount of flowy yet structured, and can be worn on a daily basis. I got mine from Vince as a birthday present, and although they’re pricey, I wear them regularly. I think these linen pants from Reformation, Athleta, and Grey Bandit are all adorable!


It’s always a smart idea to have a good sweater for a colder night or those days when it’s foggy and misty out. J.Crew generally has good summer sweaters like this one, but this one I found on Abercrombie & Fitch also totally gives coastal granddaughter!

A staple Sundress

Overall, I think the key to the coastal granddaughter aesthetic is a sense of versatility. With a staple sundress — one that you could wear as a cover up to the beach or to a nice dinner — you can achieve that! This Princess Polly maxi dress has been in my cart for a couple of days now, along with this perfect summer dress from Grey Bandit!

Pop of color tops

This might be a personal opinion — though, one rooted in true East Coast identity — but I think the key to a summer wardrobe is colorful tops. Pair them with your linen pants, denim shorts, a skirt, and a good tan. This top from Altar’d State is so adorable, along with this floral top from Grey Bandit!

Overall, I love the coastal granddaughter aesthetic because of how much it embraces my favorite parts of the East Coast in the summer and the free-spirited, vibrant fun it brings. I hope this inspired you to bring some of New England into your wardrobe this summer!

Annie is a first-year student at UCLA from Connecticut majoring in Political Science and Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences. In her free time she loves dancing, working out, and baking.