Dress to Flirt: How to dress to really attract men

Admit it, when you see that girl with the too-tight top in the too-short miniskirt and the too-high heels walk bye, you can’t help but think of some four letter words to refer to her. But, when we go out on a date, to a bar, or to a club, it’s hard not to reach for the V-neck shirt or the backless little black dress. After all, it’s a jungle out there! We want to be the envy of all the other women. We want the really hot guy to notice us. We want the aforementioned tramp to trip and fall on her face. While there’s totally nothing wrong with that, it is also good to switch up your style in the following ways so that both you and your clothing flirts:

1.  Ditch this: white, black, pink, yellow, green, blue, grey, purple, etc.
Sure, that blue dress brings out your eyes. Yes, that black top makes you look skinny. But just about every other girl in the room is rocking the same color scheme.
Rock this: The color you really want to be wearing, is red. To put it bluntly, red is an aphrodisiac. In one particular study conducted by the university of Rochester, men were asked to view pictures of women either wearing a red or green shirt, and then choose five questions from a list of 25 he would like to ask her. The girls wearing red were most frequently asked, “How could a guy get your attention at a bar?” as opposed to, “Where are you from?”  In yet another study, it was found that men spend more money on dates with women who wear this color. The key thing to remember here though, is that red is suitable for just clothing. Men actually don’t like red lipstick because of the “un-kissability” of such a shade.

2.  Ditch this: sleeves
Summer is quickly approaching. Do you really want to be sweating in sleeves?
Rock this: an off-the-shoulder top.
An off-the-shoulder top is classy, yet still demurely sexy. Just casually tilt your head and lightly brush your hair back to draw further attention to your neck. Exposing the neck and shoulders is a sign of docility which sends a message that says, “Come talk to me”. Simply put, men are animals. And I don’t mean this in a negative way...necessarily. Men’s brains are just hard-wired to recognize such signs. So to them, you will appear more approachable and feminine.

3.  Ditch this: the super low-cut V-neck shirt
We are not Snooki from The Jersey Shore. The girls do not need to be pushed up to our chins.
Rock this: a lacy camisole
While plunging necklines scream “look at me!” it is a much better approach to leave something to the imagination. Donning a lacy camisole underneath a button-down shirt (with some buttons strategically left unbuttoned, of course) is another way to dress to flirt. This will make you stand out in the jungle, where most women will be wearing miniskirts and revealing tops. And because you stand out more guys would be more likely to see you. They would think, “Hey, she’s different” and possibly be more inclined to approach you.