College Girl's Tourist Guide To San Francisco

As a SoCal girl, the California I know is sandy, windblown and dusted with a cool sea breeze. But a recent trip to the Bay Area showed me a whole different dimension to the Golden State. Yes, California is beaches, palm trees and star-studded glory, but it is also also stunning architecture, beautiful streets and so much history.

In San Francisco, comfortable walking shoes are a must. There’s so much to walk around and see: from beautiful buildings and stunning architecture to historical landmarks, there is just so much to be done. But thanks to steep hills and long streets, don't be surprised when your legs start to get tired. But have no fear—given SF's elaborate and efficient transportation system, you'll be sure to find an alternative way to get to your destination. There are subway, buses and cable cars so you’ll be sure to find some sort of transportation to lessen the walking distance.

Here's a classic: the Golden Gate Bridge. This landmark is known for its history and its grandiose beauty, but even the many words of praise and laud that surround this bridge don't do it justice. Standing under the towering bridge, I felt so tiny in comparison to its enormity and history. To all the work that contributed to this landmark and to all the people who sacrificed their lives to creating this beauty, thank you. 

California is full of diversity and inclusiveness, but San Francisco is itself a unique cultural enclave. Chinatown is such a good example of that. From the crowded streets with people bustling around to the delicious food, SF’s Chinatown is one beautiful cultural immersion.

The Fisherman’s Wharf is another example of where to get great food in San Francisco. Seafood lovers will thrive in the Bay Area. From clam chowder to fish and chips, restaurants in the Fisherman’s Wharf have perfected the preparation of seafood.

San Francisco’s many landmarks are a tribute to the illustrious history that it boasts. Back in the 1800s, the Gold Rush brought immigrants from all over the world to California. Domenico Ghirardelli was one of those immigrants, and he later went on to start an extremely well-known chocolate shop. The Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco is now full of life and full of people. And while agonizing over your decision between the World Famous Hot Fudge Sundae or the Golden Gate Banana Split, you will have lots of time to decide. The line outside the shop is so long, but so worth it!

From the beautiful architecture to the historical landmarks, San Francisco has taught and shown me a lot. The Golden City, the Fog City, the City by the Bay ... one thing’s for sure: San Francisco is one of my favorite cities.