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Coachella This Year Has Been Insane And I Have Ultimate FOMO

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Everyone said Coachella was going to be lame this year, with influencers unsure about attending and ticket sales hitting an all-time low. Anticipation was low, but damn, did it exceed expectations! Just after Weekend 1, my FYP was filled with highlights. If I wasn’t a broke college student, I would’ve been there in a heartbeat. We’re talking crazy guest performances and jaw-dropping moments. Here’s the full scoop from Weekend One.

Influencer House Wars

Just in case you missed it (though I doubt you did), there were three major influencer houses making waves at Coachella. First up was the formerly known Vlog Squad, led by David Dobrik, who stayed at the Guess brand house alongside a lineup of your favorite influencers, including Bretman Rock, Denzel, Larray, and more!

Then there was the Poppi House, hosted by Alix Earl, and let me tell you, it was absolutely adorable. Decked out to promote their new Lemon and Lime flavor, it stood out as the most notable compared to the others. What made it even more special was that Alix Earl was the only influencer staying there, a refreshing departure from the usual influencer-packed houses that dominate Coachella.

Last but certainly not least was the Tarte House, aka “Trippin With Tarte,” and it was the place to be. With influencers like Alexis Oakley and Lauren Wolfe in attendance, this house pulled out all the stops. From a full glam squad prepping everyone to a private chef and a pool inspired by High School Musical, it was actual goals.

Billie Eilish

Alright, let’s dive into the Billie Eilish saga at Coachella! This girl had everyone talking, and I was here for every moment of it. Despite being notoriously private, she gave us a peek into her love life that left us all scratching our heads. Billie has recently been linked with Odessa A’zion and Quen Blackwell, and at first, everyone thought they were just friendship goals… until Billie was spotted kissing BOTH of them. What adds fuel to the fire is that fans speculated Odessa and Quen used to date.

Now, I’ll admit, my jaw hit the floor, and I’ve got more questions than answers. But hey, it’s 2024, who really cares? Well, I care, because I love being in the loop. But whether they’re all dating or just having some fun, I’m all for these girls living their best lives.

Lana del rey and Billie Eilish

Talk about an unexpected surprise! When Lana Del Rey took the stage and brought out Billie Eilish to perform her iconic song “Video Games,” it was a moment nobody saw coming, and that’s what made it truly special. Both artists are known for their haunting ballads about love and loss, so when they joined forces, it was like a gathering of all the sad Tumblr girls coming together to cry and sing in sheer awe.

Their voices blended together creating pure magic, and I didn’t even realize how much I needed this collaboration until it happened. The sad girls definitely came out on top with this one.

Olivia Rodrigo and no doubt

Gwen Stefani’s legendary group, “No Doubt,” graced the Coachella stage in an epic reunion, and it was an absolute blast. But what made it even more unforgettable was when Gwen brought out Olivia Rodrigo to join them. Olivia’s album GUTS delves into a more alternative pop-rock sound, which perfectly complements No Doubt’s iconic style. Their performance of No Doubt’s classic hit “Bathwater” was nothing short of electric, making the crowd go insane!

And let’s talk about Gwen’s incredible stage presence during “Just A Girl”—it was pure magic. Everyone, including the guys, couldn’t help but sing and scream along to the anthem, belting out “I’m just a girl.” The girls definitely won.

Sabrina carpenter and chappell Roan

Whoever scheduled Sabrina and Chappell Roan’s sets at the same time must have had it out for both the girls and the gays. Each of them delivered unforgettable performances, from Sabrina’s captivating rendition of her new single “Espresso” to Chappell Roan’s magnetic stage presence that earned her lots of praise, from old and new fans. It was a tough choice for fans, and whoever made that call clearly didn’t understand the importance of giving each artist their moment to shine.

Sabrina has been on fire lately, especially after wrapping up the Eras tour. And let’s not forget about Chappell Roan — ever since the GUTS tour, she’s been making waves everywhere she goes. It’s clear that this is their year to shine. Both artists are proving themselves to be forces to be reckoned with in the music industry, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

justin bieber performs

Whoever thought it was okay for JB to surprise us with no warning is absolutely insane. The Beliebers were losing their minds as he took the stage alongside TEMS, marking his first major performance in years. It’s moments like these that give us hope for new music or, at the very least, more performances in the future. We definitely need Justin back in the spotlight.

Jenny is a second-year Psychology major at UCLA, from Reedley, California. She loves working out, going on iced coffee runs, staying updated with the latest celebrity gossip, and watching early 2000's rom-coms. In her free time, you'll likely find her walking around campus with an iced coffee, music blaring, and always shopping on Bruinwalk.